I’ve changed to Windows

Here I am now, in a perfect (to my standards at least) windows setup which took me awhile to configure. I’m sorry, this is the reason I have been away these past couple days. Everything is all set now though, so you can expect me to be back on track soon.

Well, I have a Windows disk with service pack zero. Yes, zero, no service packs on it. So, off I went to install it and then as soon as I connect to the internet, boom, I get MSblaster.exe which is indeed quite fun. So I had to reinstall Linux, burn service pack two, install XP without connecting to the internet, install AVG and then be happy.

I’m sad to say that whole process did take quite some time, and I haven’t even gotten my instant messaging (maybe Miranda?) client up yet. I did manage to get drivers for my Audigy, Printer and graphics card though, all of which work great.

I also installed Steam, yes, the main reason for my switch. The games wouldn’t work for some reason under Wine, and Counterstrike and Garry’s Mod are too good to waste 25 dollars on; so here I am now. I will return to the land of happiness, once the source engine gets ported to Linux.

Anyways, another thing I enjoy about Windows besides the games, is all the wonderful little tweaks that make you feel so gratified once you complete them. For instance, setting up your own OEM logo in system properties is an interesting one.

Also, when I lost the 512 megabytes from using CCleaner, made me feel a whole lot better right there. I’ll be playing around with my old settings in the next few days and exploring programs. AVG had a major overhaul since I last saw it, and works as well as it used to, maybe even better.

Well, off I go for a bit of Counterstrike, I’ll say adios for now. Don’t worry about me, Windows is good stuff, but many people exploit it πŸ˜₯ . Off to get the just released service pack three. Thanks, and I’ll keep up my weblog as well.

Bye now!

~ by nikopsk on May 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “I’ve changed to Windows”

  1. Hi Niko. πŸ™‚
    Oh well, maybe one day soon Valve’s Source Engine will be ported to Linux. And maybe Steam will be available for Linux, too. πŸ™‚

    And thanks for mentioning AVG. I hadn’t heard of that free virus protection software before. I guess I can download it here? :)http://www.avg-free-download.org/avgfree

    See ya around.

  2. This must be why I am not addict to video games!

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