I had a wonderful day today!

Yup, just can’t get any better. I mean, all the fun in my Xorg breaking once more and spending most of my evening fiddling with wine… I may as well go curl up and ask for refuge in the land of green hills and blue skies.

It’s kind of come down to that, which is sad. I get very frustrated sometimes mainly due to the best computer with windows on it is basically nothing compared to this one and I’m not getting a new computer for at least three months.

It may eventually just give up Linux for a little bit and go have fun with XP, all it’s neat little tweaks and the like. Really, I have nothing against Windows and am only worried about viruses. I’ll just give you a bit of insight on my astounding day.

Well, I booted the computer up and grabbed some updates. The updates required a computer restart so I headed that direction. When it was logging me out it froze and I couldn’t boot into GUI once again and no dpkg-reconfiguring would aid me either.

So off I go to install Hardy for the; what… fifth time? Sigh… I wish everything was easier. Anyways, then I configured everything and went off to go install Steam so that I could buy Garry’s mod with Counterstrike source and play a bit.

For some reason steam randomly died on the update process, so I removed it and decided to start again. I once again grabbed the .msi and installed. The install went smoothly that time except Steam didn’t appear in the wine menu.

Oh great. So then I thought Wine needed a total reinstall. Once done I went to go look at the applications menu and the Wine menu is non-existent. I looked around on IRC for help to no avail. So once again, for the smallest stupidest reason, I consider once again reinstalling Hardy.

Or I’ll go install XP, get AVG and have fun. If my nerve breaks, that’ll be the path I choose. At least I won’t be constantly doing what I am now. Well, I hope no more frustration comes my way, anyways, I had a kind of similar experience when Gutsy came out. Oh well.


~ by nikopsk on May 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “I had a wonderful day today!”

  1. Oh no… don’t give up, Niko. Take a break for a day or two. I was very frustrated two days ago when I couldn’t get my wireless to work in Hardy Heron. But now it works, thanks to something I read in the Ubuntu Forums. Thanks for showing me how to set my keyboard. My question marks work now… ???… See?

  2. For me, it is Linux or nothing. It sorta takes the choice of a backup OS out of the picture. So, no matter how frustrating and irritating it can be at times, I still press on forward, so the computer will work, and I can gain more knowledge.

    I know that it can be irritating at times. That is to be expected. But I can’t never see taking XP as a scapegoat out of all the problems.

    Of course, you don’t mind XP, but I can not stand it. It drives me insane when something glitches, and I have no way to find out what just happened, or even repeat it so I can read the error and solve the problem.

    I have so few problems on my system these days, that is is becoming boring. Yes… Ubuntu is becoming boring because it is so stable and I have so very few problems that I can not master. That is why I am moving to Arch soon. A whole new world, different settings, and all a relearning process.

    Oh by the way:
    curl ../usr/share/refuge/n/land/of/green/hills/n/blue/skys/


  3. Thanks for your insight! I know there are very aggravating problems at times (for me 😉 ) and at other times it works great. I am somewhere stuck in between…2 fat guys touching me, anyways, hope to chat to you soon, off to do another install.


  4. dude… tell me about it, I just spent 5h yesterday installing MATlab 6.5 with wine.
    Keep xp for the games and for when you don’t have any free time to wrestle with wine.

  5. I started with a TRS80 when I was a kid and then to my father’s 286-16mhz around 1988 and built my first ‘pc clone’ in 1990 / 91.. might have been the following year, but since then I’ve built a lot of pcs and always my own. Had a Mac G3 networked into my LAN at one point just under 10 years ago.. I say whatever works, use it. A lot of people do give Bill Gates a hard time (they’re jealous) and trash Windows, but I’m content with using whatever works. I like a challenge and using Linux or Windows or what-have-you can all excite that challenge driven-ness in me.. There have been times I’ve done nothing different and have had my machine crash, over and over, ends up being a power supply, and there have been times I’ve upgraded video drivers or audio drivers or something else… only to have my machine crash… It is always something, with these computers these days… keeps my on my toes tho..

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