Everybody dies

Defcon is now another great game which I just tried out. I’ve known about it for awhile now; seeing as PC Gamer has been ranting and raving about it for some time now; but only remembered to visit the site and give the demo a shot.

What I just discovered is that the kind developers (who actually care! Applause.) hand out a Linux version in the form of a tarball for those who want as well. It’s a very entertaining game and I’ll add more details.

It’s an overhead view of the globe which you can freely zoom in and out of; the continents are defined by a blue glowing outline and the units are neon basic shapes too. Defcon is highly based off the movie Wargames (which I saw at the diefenbunker in Ottawa). It goes through the five stages of warfare, or defcon.

You start off at defcon five and progress down to one. You can do more and more things as it counts down. For instance; at level three, you can send aerial units over to attack and at level one; you can start using nukes.

It’s very intense at times; and the music fits it very well. It’s a bit heartless though when you see the message hovering above the town you just attacked saying: “LONDON 4.2 MILLION DEAD” and hearing the once in awhile scream/ moan, but it’s a great game nonetheless.

The tutorial will teach you all you need to know once you’ve grabbed it from the homepage where I’ve linked to below, it’s a very good walk-through and taught me a lot more than I already knew of this game.

I give this a very high score and recommend you try it. It’s a very neat style of playing that was put into it. With land air and sea it stays interesting, an the countering of enemy moves will keep you playing strategically (or just leave you dead). I will enjoy this and possibly purchase this through Steam (yes, they have it there). Let’s play global thermo nuclear war.

Home page:

Instruction .pdf (for the curious ones 😉 ):

Have fun,

~ by nikopsk on April 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Everybody dies”

  1. Nice writing, Niko. I’m not much of a gamer, but maybe I will at least try out Defcon. 🙂 I don’t know if I want to hear 4.2 million Londoners screaming and moaning, though. 😮

    I didn’t know that they show movies in the Diefenbunker in Ottawa. 🙂 I will have to check out that Deifenbunker. 🙂

    Thanks for your instructional review. 🙂

  2. Defcon is very different than other games and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. The moaning is only once in awhile (when you nuke a city) and it’s very faint. The Diefenbunker does show movies at some season; which is great. No problem. 🙂

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