Audiosurf rocks my socks

After a day of watching the original Zorro accompanied by a live orchestra (which was great), I came home looking for a fun game. My friend had tried the Audiosurf demo and loved it, so off I went to grab it. It’s very entertaining and works fine in Linux under Wine which is great too.

Audiosurf is available in different forms of resale, the most widely recognized on Valve’s Steam. I decided to get it and give it a shot. I’ll explain it’s game-play first though. You can “ride” your music in different ships that you unlock from playing all the ones available to at the time.

The point is to make clusters of three or more of the blocks (in all except the “mono” rides, there are multiple colours) to get points they are located along the highway which is essentially your music. There are also power-ups that you can grab which will modify/ add blocks in your stack.

There are three stacks per normal play (two per player if in a multi-player ship) which if you overfill, you’ll lose points and can’t collect blocks for a certain amount of time due to you “re-spawning”. I haven’t tried all of the ships yet; mainly due to being too entertained by just the mono versions (they are easier too 😉 ).

I enjoy the excellent visuals as well; there are great particle effects and the track and blocks go along very well with your music due to some form of software which is quite revolutionary, the track will also bump along to your music if there is a strong beat (the track sometimes does barrel rolls too!). Other background visuals are nice too; and none of them get too distracting. I also greatly enjoy the scoreboards to see if I ever receive a place on one.

There’s lots of minute things and other twists and turns on this game (which style is wonderful; never really seen anything like it) which you may discover yourself when you give the demo version a shot. As well as being able to choose your own songs to play on; there is also a radio feature where new songs are set up every week; but one song (my personal favorite), the Audiosurf overture, remains there forever.

I highly suggest you try it and give me your feedback, I enjoy it’s “genre” and you probably will too. Give it a shot and look at some of the screen-shots and other information/ news on it’s official site. Have a blast of audiovisual gaming fun.

Audiosurf homepage:

Audiosurf overture:


~ by nikopsk on April 25, 2008.

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