I realized something yesterday, that my best friend Nathan pointed out to me. Ubuntuforums is my home. I just can’t really leave it. It was my first forum and although I had no real clue of forums back then; it was fun just the same.

I learned quite a few lessons there and gained a lot of friends. I enjoyed it very much; but last time I visited to check up on it; it looked and felt different… darn VBulletin update makes it feel new. All the important people to me left as well, which is really sad. Anyways; I’ve also been hanging less and less around my original buddies from Ubuntuforums as I’ve been devoting times to other less important things.

It’s just I’ve changed a lot since my departure and even since my joining. I really want to somehow start anew with a clean slate. I have learned much in mainly good manners and the likes from my time spent at the forums, but devoted too much of my time to the forums, generally two or so hours a day.

I think also I spend way too much time doing other things now. I used to have a round of friendly Nexuiz every day or so; it was immensely fun, and I need to spend more time with my friends now playing this game.

I also want to say sorry to all those that were around when I changed to an extent. I acted different (which a few of you did not like) around you and now realize my mistake. I’ll soon try to get back on Ubuntuforums if my schedule permits.

I mean, it’s been great knowing you all and we’ve sure had lots of fun times together and must more must be had. Nathan and I came to terms and now I feel better. I must stay myself as if you first met me.

Well, this is a bit of a random post; but it’s all I could muster today. I do feel better now that it’s all out of my way and hope to get back on track with Ubuntuforums as a casual playtime forum where I’ll answer a few support questions every once in awhile.

Sorry, it’s hard to explain it all,

~ by nikopsk on April 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Hugz?”

  1. Yay 🙂
    Niko has returned!

    Although, I never left you. You have been my dearest friend, since I met you at Ubuntu Forums. It will be good to have you back and see you posts again.

  2. I will try to maintain a good image. Thank you very much, you are also an excellent friend.

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