Conserve power!

By the way. happy earth day everyone. I’ve seen all the little changes take place today such as wearing green shirts and Google doing it’s normal logo change. Every day should be earth day though as we have a crisis that everyone is basically ignoring and I guess I’ll talk to the computer users here on power consumption.

We geeks all want power ( :mrgreen: ), but we need to draw the line somewhere. I know I spend multiple hours on computers each day; but I at least turn mine off at night. My computer takes more than double the annual usage of power my refrigerator uses (and we actually tested) which is rather alarming.

I know multiple people (shh) who keep their computers on for days on end which I find… erm… anyways. Just find some way to keep your power on everything low today at least. Lose your uptime and get some downtime for awhile. It shouldn’t hurt.

Anyways, I’m turning off mine three hours early today which may make a minute difference, but if everyone does that for one day, think of the energy saved. Well, before you guys start thinking I’m a tree hugger, I’ll just leave you with those words in mind and the option to make a small change.

See you around,


~ by nikopsk on April 22, 2008.

4 Responses to “Conserve power!”

  1. Hehe…

    unathan@linda:~$ uptime
    21:40:05 up 11 days, 8:18, 3 users, load average: 0.76, 0.75, 0.60

  2. *Niko smites Nathan with godly force.

  3. My dad works at a Nuclear Power Plant, and they make power, from turning turbans and wanter. Using that much electricity will only run your electric bill up is all.

    By the way, with downtime comes no serving, and then I can’t receive emails… So..

  4. I see your motive. 😉 I like your serving!

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