CellWriter recognizes writing

CellWriter requires me at least to use a tablet (I have one tucked away in my cabinet) and improve my handwriting. It’s a nice application and I need to use it fully by means of looking through my drawer for my nice Wacom.

When I first fired it up I got a nice introduction regarding it’s core aspects and telling me it must first learn my handwriting. It then presented me with a grid of all the standard characters (other languages can be used too) which I drew into so it could figure out the way I “wrote” letters.

Once done that grueling task with my mouse (it’s like writing with a bar of soap… πŸ™„ ), I was presented with a one by eight grid or cell which would lengthen once I added the maximum amount of letters. I had to go back a few time to reteach it my writing (or have it “record” my writing) due to the already sloppy writing I own.

It stays focused once you have it open and will send itself to the tray if you want it closed/ out of the way. You hit enter (the button or key) to have all the text forwarded to the focused window’s text input area.

Aesthetically it’s pleasing which is nice since I’ve seen a few applications that function quite nice but don’t look too good. I applaud their efforts and think this will be quite useful to many in the upcoming days.

It looks cool when inputting, and is “kJeSOhe” (my attempt at writing awesome really fast with my mouse) for those of you that deem it fit. I’ll stick to the keyboard and mouse for now, but for shorter tasks I may use this. I recommend you try this with at least your bar of soap to test it’s abilities.


Have fun and enjoy!


~ by nikopsk on April 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “CellWriter recognizes writing”

  1. Nice writing, Niko. I will have to try out CellWriter on my computer with Ubuntu installed. Of course, I don’t find it all that hard to write with a bar of soap on my bathroom mirror. πŸ™‚

  2. Hehe. My real life writing needs some cleaning up… I’m glad you enjoyed. πŸ™‚

  3. you don’t use a mouse with cellwriter dude. you use your pen, it’s for tablets.. o_O

  4. I obviously know that, and mentioned that I will soon drag out my tablet. Was just testing it’s capabilities with a mouse. πŸ˜›

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