Grab them while they’re hot!

Just a little bit ago, Ubuntu’s ShipIt service started taking requests to pre-order versions of Hardy Heron from those who want them. I tried ShipIt awhile back and was happy with what I got. I seem to like labeled CDs better than burned ones with “Ubuntu version” scribbled with permanent marker.

They come in a nice paper envelope (lined with bubble wrap!) reading “Canonical” on the front. You get very nice artwork on the front of the CDs as well. I ended up giving away one of the two I ordered, but that’s all the better and I recommend you share yours too.

I also enjoy the stickers, although they don’t look good with my black case. I keep them and brand other things than my computer 😛 . You’ll want to hurry to grab these as requests will be piling up in the upcoming days.

Now, this is all absolutely free; but you might have to wait (generally four to six weeks) to receive your CDs. I keep thinking it took longer, but I was hallucinating because I kept wondering when they would come.

You’ll need a Launchpad account to sign in to ShipIt and request your Herons and also you’ll need to fill in your personal information so they can put it on your doorstep.

Now, there may be a few changes from the beta everyone is using, or maybe a whole bunch. We’ll see by the release candidate and I’ll enjoy it all by final. I hope you guys have fun waiting for your CDs ( 😆 ) and maybe burn off a makeshift CD for now.

Get your Ubuntu CD:


~ by nikopsk on April 18, 2008.

6 Responses to “Grab them while they’re hot!”

  1. Just ordered one as well, just for in the event that I urgently need a linux live-cd or so.

    And you’re right, It’s always nicer to have a professionally labelled cd instead of my own crappy handwriting on it 😉

  2. It’s geekier to have it handwritten with a permanent marker 😀

    But, I think I will attempt to download it via torrent while the download speeds are soring. Of course, the benefit of torrent for me, is I can pause the download 🙂

  3. I also love ordering things online and getting a box or package delivered to my front door. 🙂 But waiting four to six weeks would be an eternity for me. 🙂

  4. I burned one with the sharpie label, but gave away the other two which helps spread Linux.

  5. I have heard that using a permanent marker on a CD could eventually damage the data that is burned on the surface just below. See this link…

    Seems it is best to use a water-based ink when writing on a CD.

    “Whether it be an alcohol-based ink or the solvent found in the adhesive of sticky labels: both substances can attack the top protective layer and, in worst-case scenarios, can actually create holes in the CD.”

  6. I never knew that 😯 ! Thanks for the information… I should take care of my prized CDs.

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