The peer-to-peer application FrostWire has been in my mind for testing and reviewing for some time. I haven’t been using the kind of “full-fledged” clients for awhile like LimeWire or Azureus, but only the smaller one for Linux which is mainly to me Deluge. I would be using uTorrent, but it looks ugly under wine. 😦

Back on task, FrostWire was written in java and is a fork off the LimeWire project, that’s why you may notice many resemblances to LimeWire when you first use it. The project was started in 2005 to counter the blocking code considered to be placed in LimeWire because of RIAA pressure.

Where Limewire has a free and a pay version, FrostWire is only released as free (which is good, right πŸ˜‰ ). FrostWire can make use of the all the different LimeWire servers (six in total) so you get optimum download speeds. Six servers is also the number used by LimeWire Pro, whereas the normal version of LimeWire only connects to four.

As this is based upon the Pro version of LimeWire, it also has much of it’s functionality. FrostWire includes a Chatroom tab (based on IRC to some extent) which is missing from LimeWire. As I mentioned before, it can do everything LimeWire can do and more; only in a different shell.

By shell I mean theme and icons. So, let’s get started with the installation. You’ll want to head over to this nicely crafted downloads page and grab whatever package corresponds to your current operating system.

Once done, you can launch it up in Linux from: Applications -> Internet -> FrostWire. You’ll be greeted with a splash screen and asked to configure everything. It all should be pretty straightforward and I did notice that the “I agree I will not use FrostWire for breaking the law” like in LimeWire was absent. 😈

Anyways, may you enjoy this. This was a shorty and I can’t really judge my posts now because of that word count feature being removed; but I still love writing for you guys. I hope you enjoyed this post, have fun downloading things (at turbo speed!).


~ by nikopsk on April 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “FrostWire”

  1. Niely written review article again, Niko. I have used Limewire so it should be easy to adapt to Frostwire, since, as you say, Frosstwire resembles Limewire. I will have to try out that Froswire chatroom tab, too. πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you very much πŸ˜€ . I enjoy using it and it is fast too, so that aids to the overall experience. I was very busy yesterday and that is why I didn’t stick a post in.

  3. I wonder if you can help me i need some help I love frostwirc and have been using it for a long long time and when i downloaded the newest version the setup just would not download the applications reguired i have been to the support page and can’t work it out as to post what i’m experiencing . If there is anyway you can point me in the right direction i would really appreciate it I am very frustrated yours sincerly Bobby

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