New (clunky) dashboard

I generally love updates to things, this is really not one of them and I don’t have a choice on whether to use it or not. Well, I was already being depressed on how geeks don’t get girlfriends, but now I need to worry about new navigation on WordPress 😐 .

Let me first discuss the write tab. Although I have to say, the new writing frame is better than the previous although the “Visual” and “HTML” should be moved to the top left again. For unknown reasons, some of the previously convenient things like the categories and the other advanced options are now on the bottom.

The tags are in a big enclosure which I regard as rather clunky. I would have stuck with the the dark blue as a colour choice too, but the developers get all the decision. The publish and save options are on the left and I would enjoy an option to revert back to the older interface. 😦

The main Dashboard is unconventionally located at the top where I couldn’t find it for awhile. I don’t really like how stats are shoved in the main dashboard along with a few other things, it makes it seem unprofessional also it was mentioned that it is less cluttered, but sadly I must oppose that.

A few new features I do like though, they make things easier like the Multi-file upload with progress bar which I already tested and tag management. Although I don’t want to put down all of the effort put into this new interface, I am pretty sure it was meant to attract more people in the visual aspect of it and lost a bit of functionality and convenience.

I also noticed my word count feature that I so heavily rely on is missing or has been moved which is sad. I guess I’ll wrap this up saying please; just give me a choice for the original dashboard. Sometimes newer and better looking isn’t best for everyone.



~ by nikopsk on April 4, 2008.

6 Responses to “New (clunky) dashboard”

  1. Yes, the new WordPress is incredibly disappointing. It’s lost all sense of navigation, and I find it slower to use. And blog stats on the main page has got to be the worst decision ever. Whoever designed the new dashboard’s colors also needs a talking to.

  2. Also the comment edit page is long with everything underneath the text box… I am really disappointed with it and honestly don’t know what was wrong with the previous version. The colours are also really off and the enclosure around publish and save is gray which doesn’t match anything else…

  3. Uggh. I finally got around to logging into to see it, and I must say. It is highly disappointing. Where did everything go??

    Hrm. Well it seems like everything on the internet (facebook, etc.) is aiming more at Visibility and poor illiterate computer users, rather than the previous Production, Usability for Advanced Users.

    Why do computers have to be dumbed down for the user?
    I mean, come on. The first computers were DOS and UNIX command line, and we made out. It seems like everything continually degrades.

    Well, so much for even the thought of upgrading. I would rather take the time and write my own blogging software than use that crappy dashboard.

  4. Agreed. I highly anticipate updates sometimes… and then what do I get. I was so hyped about vista; reading all the inside articles I could put my hands on, then I one day tried it and all those neat features didn’t seem so cool.

    I don’t really like upgrades that downgrade the usefulness of the software put in use for mainly the (simply put) less tech-saavy people.

    I wish we had a choice though, it’s like I’ve been forced into a room with just milk and cookies, I want variety. Sorry wordpress, you made a bad choice.

  5. I’ll have you know that I like the new wordpress.

    I don’t know why, I just prefer some of it to the old version, though the navigation is a slight issue, I just get used to it 🙂

  6. /me throws rocks at Joe.

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