My work here is done

You may have no real clue as to what I’m talking about right now; but you’ll shortly find out. Truthfully, I am really sad to be leaving Ubuntuforums as it was my first (real) forum I was ever at.

I learned much at my stay there though, lots of internet manners among other things. I made quite few friend as well. I was active; participated in two support groups… I kind of just lost interest (hope?) after a while of realizing something I won’t share with you now.

The only major thread I had to attend to was my unofficial awn-curves thread which I worked on and molded to support new awn releases. It was highly enjoyed, although there were a few bugs here and there.

My guide got cited by the awn installation guide at the forums, with a nice “nikoPSK has written a quick tutorial on installing awn-curves” which is now replaced by the simple bar appearance change you now have to make.

Awn-curves was merged into the new stable release of awn, so ends my time at Ubuntuforums as I have to tend to nil. I think it’s nice for the people wanting awn-curves for their dock, and good work to meek for getting that far.

Truth is; I’ve told this many times, I don’t really like docks unless it’s RocketDock by Punk Software (and Punk makes a whole lot of great windows software) and Apple’s nicely refined dock.

I left a nice note in my signature saying I have departed with a mail link to contact me if anyone so wishes. I ask most of my questions on IRC now, but I have greatly declined in using that form of communication too.

I hope I made a mark of sorts, at least on some people. As I’ve been playing games like Teeworlds, some users will say: “Hey, I know you, nikoPSK from Ubuntuforums?” and that makes me feel good, because it was most likely a user I helped or played many of the thread games with.

I guess it has all been a learning experience; like this weblog. I learn more as the days go by, example: how to write better. Indeed it has all been fun, and I did enjoy the most part of it, but also time has become an issue with this.

I may be back someday, who really knows; but I must say, I shouldn’t have started out with such a serious forum… or should I? I wouldn’t have this weblog, I wouldn’t speak proper English over the internet and a few other things I’ve learned.

I hope you don’t miss me πŸ˜₯ ,


~ by nikopsk on April 3, 2008.

10 Responses to “My work here is done”

  1. I thought you left UF a long time ago.

  2. Well I do miss you on UF Niko. But I do understand. Now that your best thread it pointless, and you hardly ever go on UF, what’s the point anymore?

  3. David, I’d check every once in while on the tread as it was still active and I didn’t want to just leave it before it became obsolete. Nathan, yes; but it somewhat sad to be leaving all I did behind. I like being at ACC though.

  4. I had a squabble with an admin in uf once, it happens. Most of the time I keep to my own there and help the new people out.

  5. I had a few squabbles unfortunately.

  6. It has been sad to see you leave Ubuntu Forums. One of my closest, of many friends I have made there. We will continue to communicate via ACC Forums, Email and MSN, though.

    I really have missed seeing your posts here and there across the forum, and miss seeing your avatar on so many different threads. But will is to be, will be. And it is inevitable to change it otherwise.

    Dr Small

  7. It’s sad for me too, but I kind of had to move on; also I’ve gotten more busy with school and life. I like my picture too, although I forgot where I came across it again.

    As I said, it’s all been one big roller coaster ride for me with it’s ups and downs. I may be back at Ubuntuforums at the age of 16 of so, I have no clue.


  8. Hi Niko. I was never on the ubuntu forms, but I would have missed you if I was there, I am sure. πŸ˜› I see that you helped a lot of people with awn-curves. πŸ˜‰ Glad to hear that like being on ACC forums. πŸ™‚

  9. I enjoy being on ACC because it isn’t so serious… oh well. I hope you’ll have fun with Ubuntu Tom!

  10. Hi our little brothers.

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