Internet explorer eight rules.

It’s so true. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it with my own two eyes. Right in front of me; I was basking in the glory of internet explorer eight running under wine; and damn, did it look good.

I mean; Microsoft was the first to invent tabbed browsing; silly Mozilla trying to copy them and fail miserably. They also revolutionized their invention of tabs with something called quick tabs which owns so much.

Let me say; they also charge for almost all their add-ons. Isn’t that cool? Price means more value; silly little Opera and Firefox where users pay nothing for their add-ons. I mean; what you give is what you get, right people?

It can also do something really cool too. Want to know what it is? It teaches you to almost roboticly find text on a page because it doesn’t have a text search feature. Right on Microsoft!

I also love the feature that teaches you to go grab your own dictionary to see if you spelt the word you think you spelt wrong right; oh yeah baby! Another thing is the new “undo close tab (like Firefox)” and “saving and restoring sessions (like Firefox)” which are not stolen from Mozilla; Mozilla just broke into Redmond headquarters, stole and claimed these new top secret features as their own.

Some other really awesome stuff about internet explorer eight is that there will be “virtual desktops (like Linux)”, and “the ability to rearrange items on the task bar”. The last one is magical and will make our lives so much easier. It’s patented under the name of “MS quick-arrange”.

But; go buy Vista now to get the full features of internet explorer eight! Go! Now! I don’t see you going! Oh well; but I insist on you getting the Ultimate version because Ultimate means it will be Ultimate; and you can’t deny that.

Or just wait another year and buy Vienna. Or don’t. No; just get vista now and enjoy a year of fulfillment and pleasure.It will be like having little tiny monks people working inside your web browser to make it a better place, go and try it now. Get internet explorer eight.



~ by nikopsk on April 1, 2008.

6 Responses to “Internet explorer eight rules.”

  1. Nice! ROFL

  2. I was the most sarcastic I have ever been in my life….

  3. Niko, you almost had me there for a moment!

  4. 😉

  5. Lol 😆

  6. It does rule; so glorious. 🙂

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