Heading over to Ubuntu Brainstorm

Why not? I missed it’s release and only read a bit about it at first. I missed all the first time hype of others at this point but I’ll write about this for more of the idea/ personal stance towards the site.

First off, it’s a nice idea. Although Digg was the kind of the first “Share your thoughts/ experiences and vote on others'” and there are multiple Digg spin-offs today, but each one has it’s own cause/ view; which most of the time differs from link sharing.

Before Ubuntu Brainstorm, there was also Dell’s Ideastorm which I took part in when I first learned about it I believe from one of my technology magazines. It was nice since you could post suggestions for the company and others could vote on what they thought of it.

Dell I believe also put up suggestions; one of which I remember asking whether users would appreciate if it offered Ubuntu as a choice on it’s systems. There was lots of hype about this at the time as you’d expect and already they are marketing machines and that shows Ideastorm’s use.

I’ve always wanted to add my thoughts to Ubuntu; being myself, a small part of the ever growing community. When I hear the word “community” it reminds me of these other voting sites of which are so popular, what’s great is everyone gets their say. Just to mention, you may know Youtube added a voting system to user comments which doesn’t go over too well with me… Anyways.

Ubuntu Brainstorm looks good with the website theme used for most parked on (or other) Ubuntu websites. The voting buttons look nice with the red and green and there are many good ideas of which I and many others would like incorporated into Ubuntu.

I think a small portion; if not more of these ideas will get taken into consideration by the Ubuntu developers depending on what the rest of the community thinks. I think some of these are already there in the upcoming 8.04 Gutsy Gibbon which I am waiting to try out.

I guess I’ll join the site tomorrow and contribute a few ideas if they are not already there (as I did find many of my desired ideas already up), I think I’ll enjoy it as a fun-ish site which I can check on every day and when I have a new idea that pops into my brain; I’ll add it to the ever growing storm.



~ by nikopsk on March 29, 2008.

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