Emulation; revisited

I used to do lots of emulation (still do with Wine, wait; wine is not an emulator…), whether it’d be a Linux liveCD in VMware or a game for a console or hand-held. It was fun and I used to do it quite a bit back in… Erm… I believe two years ago. I’ll explain:

I mainly used it to get more of a feel for Linux, although I just fooled around with Various aspects. I tried many distributions in the time I did use them in VMware, but I quickly lost interest and shortly thereafter went into another type of emulation.

It was game emulation. Mainly console and a bit of hand-held obtained ROMs too (the hand-helds ran faster 😉 ). I Just today, I fired up an old friend; Project64. I wasn’t into bleeding edge game emulation at the time as it was unstable and my old computer back then could not handle it.

Before I go into talking about Project64, I’ll tell you what I did emulate. Mainly GameBoy Advance and Nintendo 64 titles. That’s it. They kept me entertained and I had lots of fun with them. Also, with the GameBoy one being small, I had (and it’s still there today) it on my flash drive.

I looked around for a Nintendo 64 emulator for Linux and found Mupen64. I fired it up and grabbed a ROM off my flash drive; it crashed instantaneously. Boo, hiss. So I decided to grab my favorite and most reliable emulator; Project64, and run it under wine (Emulator under an Emulator?).

It ran great with my Kirby game (Kirby is very cool) and was very slightly choppy, although that’s how I remembered it being anyways. Now, for all of you wondering; ROMs aren’t illegal. There are no rules in Canada against them, although I wouldn’t advise you to go grab a whole bunch.

Project64 is a great emulator and provides many things you’d want from an emulator such as multi-player and joystick support etcetera. It truly ran fine. I guess I’ll start playing the occasional game on an emulator every once in awhile now that I have the program back on my computer.

I have no clue why I wrote about this, maybe because I used to enjoy it so much… never mind; don’t ask me. 😛


~ by nikopsk on March 28, 2008.

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