Delete files right away in Nautilus

Things have been a little hectic around here lately with school restarting. Also I was rather surprised back of a few things when I got like the name change of “Teewars” and RAV TUX’s departure of Ubuntuforums. I am learning SSH and will start importing contacts into my new email address.

I have been learning a few things with Linux and also tips with other things. I was busy all yesterday night trying to bind a few things on my keyboard that didn’t respond (changing status) as well. Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday.

I guess I’ll do a short useful tip for this post (I know many from the three large Ubuntu books I read), as that’s all I can really think of at the current time and have to go to bed soon… This trick I read about in “Ubuntu Unleashed” (or one of the others) but was previously mentioned in the website Tech-Recipes.

This trick constitutes of adding an option to the right click menu of Nautilus on files. It’s useful when you really don’t even want to consider restoring the file nor have any further use for it. Let me explain:

So you just simply “delete” it rather than moving it to the trash. It’s now gone and you don’t need to think of emptying the trash to get rid of it. Ubuntu Nautilus lets you add this to the right click menu and I’ll explain how to do so.

First off, open Nautilus by; say, opening a folder, going to places and clicking on any of the locations etcetera. Once it’s up and running why don’t we open the “Edit” drop-down menu and then hit Preferences.

Once it’s up and ready for you to use, goto the behavior tab. Under the bold word “trash”, select the second check-box for use which reads “Include a Delete command that bypasses Trash”.

Once you have that done, at any time now you can just delete a file rather than moving it to the trash. I wish this option had an icon though… 😛 Anyways, enjoy this and nice talking. I should have another post for you tomorrow!

Best to you,


~ by nikopsk on March 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Delete files right away in Nautilus”

  1. Yes, this will be very useful for deleting those files I need to delete… 😐

  2. What’s the ” 😐 ” for?

  3. Thanks for the tip. Just got me out of a fix I was in with sudo nautilus 🙂

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