Logitech EasyCall Desktop

Oh yes! A new keyboard, mouse and headset. It’s a nice package for Voip applications or internet chat services; such as the instant messaging branch. I know I’ve been urged many, many times to get a headset, and it comes with the package; so there you go.

The whole bundle of Logitech software is very nicely integrated and only takes one (!) USB port to handle all of this which is wonderful due to me being lazy and not hooking my front two USB ports when I built my rig which leaves me with two back ones. General wireless/ conventional keyboard/ mouse sets take two.

It significantly improves my gaming performance, the new laser mouse at least. I can make easy head-shots in battlefield 1942 and it’s easier to click on little internet check-boxes and the like. I can also do my image editing with a lot more ease too now.

So, first off, I had to do the tedious task of removing my older set (I should condemn my non-wireless ball-mouse to… someplace…), then easily plugging in the one USB to the main hub and then connecting the wireless keyboard and mouse by hitting the red button on the bottom of each.

It was a fairly simple process and I really love the laser mouse, but another thing is that the specialized hot-keys actually work on my Ubuntu computer. For example, the Logitech keyboards use programmable F * hot-keys that can be combined with “FN” to open applications or launch multiple tasks. They actually work in Linux, FN+F4 will actually launch Gnome Calc; and so fourth with the other F keys, which makes me happy.

The keyboard also has volume controls at the top center (along with find, mail and home buttons). They actually function, when you use one a neat box appears kind of Mac-like in appearance and shows your current sound status. You can adjust higher, lower or mute the volume. Other media controls appear at the left hand side of the keyboard which let you: open a media player, shuffle your songs, change tracks either back or forward and pause/ play your songs.

On the other side, there are internet speech controls of which you can: open your chat application, change your status, accept or deny a phone call and open the keypad or dial a number. All in all, very useful. The mouse has more basic features, like the back/ forward buttons on the side and page zoom controls to the left.

The main control center of this all has a few features too. It can act as a speaker (it’s already the wireless transmitter) but also has some features of the keyboard which are the accept calls or refuse/ hang up, volume up/ down and a microphone mute button. You can plug your included headset in the side and it has very nice echo reduction.

I guess I’ll wrap this up on a kind of sad note, saying I got it because my nice little local tech shop is closing. Having only moved to where I am now six months ago, I went there to get my computer serviced and visited it quite a bit. I had a friend working there; but he got layed off which is sad. I hope I don’t miss it too much… 😥



~ by nikopsk on March 25, 2008.

9 Responses to “Logitech EasyCall Desktop”

  1. You finally got a mic!

  2. Yes!!!

  3. The local tech shop is closing!? That’s sad. 😦
    So all of your new stuff is wireless? Hrm. Wireless takes batteries, so you better keep some spare ones when you need it 🙂

    I prefer wires. So I have them everywhere running out the back of my system. 😀

  4. It was a nice little place… Wireless is fine, it has a good range too (20 feet or something), I can turn off the mouse which is nice and I already have enough wires thank you very much. 😉

  5. Hi!
    I have this pack, and i’m using ubuntu, and i’m not able to use all the features of the keyboard. Some of them doesn’t work. How did you do?

    And I also have some problems with the speaker, every sound is played in the little speaker, and not with my audiocard.

    I hope you can help me


  6. No, I still haven’t gotten the extra buttons to work… Sadly. A few of them do. I had the same problem with the small speaker. I found that fiddling around in alsamixer (type in terminal) or System -> Preferences -> Sound helps.


  7. I had that problem (with speakers) in Vista, fixed it easily.

    Go to Control Panel, and on the Playback tab right click your normal speakers and select “Set As Default” device – done. Hopefully Ubuntu has something similar.

    Alternate solution (especially if you can’t fix it in your O/S): plug your speakers into the “headphone” jack on the tiny speaker. Boom, all fixed!

    I did the alternate solution before getting annoyed enough to go to control panel to ‘truly’ fix it.

    Now if anyone could tell me WHY oh WHY my Vista Sleep mode is now broken (computer essentially goes to logout screen after attempting to go to sleep) that’d be wonderful. I suspect the new keyboard/mouse combo have something to do with it. 😦

  8. My friend has to do the same thing. I managed to get it working quite well with Skype though. 😀

  9. i have the same problem with my speakers but the sound keeps coming out sorta muddy. please, someone help~!

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