Well, I got a Roomba

Oh, cool! A little electronic slave to do my dirty work (literally; wait that doesn’t… nevermind). I’ll also start this off saying I’m home after a ten day expedition which I highly enjoyed. I had lots of fun, and had enough access to business centers to keep updated with everything I generally check; although nowadays trampolines and cleaning robots keep me more entertained than computers.

Being away and using generally Windows; I was reminded of how slow XP is on an unfit machine… even some machines just get stuffed by the owner and not looked after as well as they/ it would desire.

I’m going to continue my weblog maintenance project as time forgives; but for now, I’ll give you what little I know of the Roomba from iRobot technologies we just got at the nearest Canadian Tire, it’s quieter than conventional vacuums; which is a benefit. I hope it doesn’t uprise against me.

It’s nice that it was 100$ off, as we’ve been wanting one for some time now (as we speak; it actually found it’s way into my room and is cleaning 😛 ). For those of you that don’t know what this nifty little piece of equipment is; as I got a few “what”s, it’s a compact little All-in-One vacuum of sorts that will clean your house at various intervals and go back to it’s dock once it’s low on battery. Very cool.

It maps out your living space for better usage of time and follows walls to an extent as well. It will clean carpets nicely and can traverse minor shifts in elevation. It detects dirty areas and focuses more on them; another great feature. Although it’s “bump into a wall, turn another way” is a bit annoying after time; but it still beats me doing the vacuuming.

There are two “invisible walls” you can set up to prevent it going into certain rooms. It will treat it as bumping into a wall and just go the other way (it also detects if there are stairs in front of it so it doesn’t fall down, although our apartment doesn’t have stairs). It has various different means of cleaning: six side brushes for walls and corners that twirl around, a vacuum obviously, and a main cleaner/ beater for carpets and floors alike. If you want to find out more, visit their site.

It gets the job done quite well for 320$. It looks sleek too, being only the 530 (generation five) it still is good; but I believe the newest ones are generation seven or eight; but I may be wrong…

It does take a little longer than conventional vacuums; but is a lot quieter and nicer than our old 10 or so year old Hoover vacuum. I think I’ll enjoy my little electronic pet(?) and I sometimes follow it, watching it clean… 😯

Roomba 530 details:

Best to you,

~ by nikopsk on March 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “Well, I got a Roomba”

  1. I think I will stick to traditional vacuum cleaners 😀

  2. Hehe, it’s nice to have this; though sometimes it misses spots…

  3. I want it! Buy me one!

  4. Umm, come to Canada; then head to the nearest Canadian tire. Go find a Roomba for 100$ off (only until tomorrow) and finally pay more with your low American dollar. Go home and be happy and I’ll give you my… Congratulations on buying it. 🙂

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