I’m not dead yet!

Greetings to all! Sorry, as my trip has progressed I have had less and less time to squeeze in computer time. I will be arriving back to my apartment in two days, but I’ll be back home around night-time, so let’s call it three. I have missed a few things on this departure; such as the recent release of the Hardy Heron beta.

Well, I believe you can get by without coverage of that from me, right 🙂 ? I am sorry for my lack of posts but I must stress that I was away from computers most of the time, so not much could be done. I had lots of fun though while visiting my two second cousins in Battleground. We had lots of fun trampolining, target shooting with a 22 caliber (the miracles of America) and playing with pets/ guitar hero three.

Sadly; this is a short post as I have nothing new really in the tech world, and do not go too deep into my life while posting on my blog. I also am at a kind of loss of words at the moment. I can notify you of a few things though: Guitar hero three kicks frets on fire’s arse; I am most likely getting a GameCube and I almost have enough money to buy the orange box.

About guitar hero three, I’ll just go back to my old frets on fire post and update it to a kind of versus thing (in due time, I’ll put it in along the way when doing my maintenence); recieving a GameCube will be fun as I’ll be getting it with that old time classic, melee. I will obviously get some other great games for it too, which will be reviewed for fun (I love reviewing too, so it will be easy 😉 ).

For the orange box, expect a nice big juicy post about it; actually, not one big post… five. I’ll set aside time for each game and do once a day, that way I won’t be too overwhelmed. I can’t wait for all of these things; but for now, I have to eat. I might get another post tomorrow, depeneds on what’s happening; but be sure to get one when I arrive back home.



~ by nikopsk on March 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “I’m not dead yet!”

  1. See you when you get back 🙂
    By the way, I have a .22 Cal Rifle 😉

  2. Meh, generally being a scout in most games earned me lots of bulls-eyes while taget ahooting (more like gopher guts 😆 ).

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