Skype 2.0 is here

Yes, it is; and yet again, I’m late with my post 😦 . Well, this is the stable/ final release of this internet chatting application which fixed a multiple number of bugs and added a couple of new features the most yearned for among them is video conferencing.

I do like Skype, and used it a bit before to make real phone calls back when you got a year of free calling for your country, but I believe that ended a while back as I didn’t use Skype as much as I wanted.

It was a useful feature, but maybe certain people over used this and would just register a new account as soon as their old one ran out of it’s year, I have no clue why this ended… Anyways, I use it now (in Linux) to listen to David and Nathan’s lovely voices while I type or play a game.

Thing is; my old microphone broke when one of my parent’s friends brought their child over; so I am still ‘sans’ microphone for now, until I get a new one. I did go to two shops,  I left the first as I really wanted a quality microphone, not an huge ugly nine dollar beige (beige, eww) one.

So I left to the next store and saw this very nice 18 dollar one (I like black, matches my case, speakers, modem etcetera; I also like white, but for lesser things as my printer dominates the color (I’m Canadian! Hockey, bacon! 😯 ) in question). I decided to get tic-tacs (with a 20 dollar bill) instead and head home.

Well, I’m still in the land of no microphones, and I am sure one would sound good to other people on my Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy (I like boasting about it, go get one; they are variably affordable and provide a dramatically better audio quality than your current crappy on-board, especially with my new speakers 😛 ). I should get one soon though, along with a new keyboard and mouse as my nice wireless pair seem to have died on me.

Well, I might also mention here that I was considering blogging about a program called “Manslide” (yes, queer name) but decided against since it’s not that much of a worthwhile application (plus it’s better in the KDE environment).

Oh, another thing. During the march break, I will be taking a trip starting late tomorrow for around a week and a half with very little computer time as I’ll be on the road a bit. I’ll try to keep (you) updated (in the end(?)), just to notify you so you don’t cry due to a lack of my wonderful posts. I might as well mention while I’m wrapping up that this isn’t available for 64-bit systems.

Well, I guess I’ll go buy a microphone; err, whoops, I need the Orange Box first. 😆

~ by nikopsk on March 14, 2008.

One Response to “Skype 2.0 is here”

  1. Auu, that’s sweet. Can’t wait until you get a mic until I can hear your frustration when I frag you 😉

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