Weblog maintenance

Hello everyone, sorry I would have gotten this post in yesterday if I wasn’t out most of the day. Also, by the time I could’ve posted it, it was 10, so I was tired and went to bed. The point of this post is to inform you of the upcoming few little tweaks.

The tweaks will be in my posts. That means I’ll be updating older one’s information etcetera. I will normally just fix typing issues (if any in the select post), maybe add a new paragraph or even update the entire post from the ground up.

I will leave the information such as the things going on when I posted (such as the version of the certain software I posted about, you get it, right?) and maybe add a few current issues which I found out after I posted.

As many of you might know, none of my posts are really final. Generally after a post is published by myself, I’ll read over it and correct/ add things I desire. Sometimes I even think of something for posts in the past, I guess I’m adding all those things now, with this little project for myself.

I’m going to try and pace myself in the means of bringing two posts a day up to date (or, not really updating… whatever) so I don’t hurt myself trying to do them all in a short period of time. Also, it will go in the order of my first posts (the oldest ones) first and so on ’till about maybe a week and a bit of posting, maybe more.

So, if you want, you can check the final page of my blog every day and so on when I’m updating. Don’t worry though, I won’t neglect my posts for you, I’ll just have them later on. With the two per day process, this might; give or take a few days, take somewhere up to two and a half weeks (or more).

I don’t really know, it will be done when it is, and when it has, I’ll inform you with another post like this so that you can dig through my weblog’s history and find some new gems. I don’t know if this a good idea in your mind, but I like the concept, so I will go ahead and do it. Leave your thoughts in the comments section.



~ by nikopsk on March 9, 2008.

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