The Brawl has started.

Wow, 7:30 hours playing brawl with other seven other people… By about two hours we sifted down to just one Wii and TV. We all actually played with Gamecube controllers, not even trying the Wii remotes as I heard it was harder with them ( 😕 ).

Generally, being the PC gamer I am, I don’t use/ play on consoles that much, but the Wii honestly has something the computer doesn’t, motion sensing; and that makes everything more interesting while adding a while new level to gaming and how I see it. As I said, we had kind of a “Brawl Party” down at my friend’s place (seeing as I don’t own a Wii, or had a copy of heaven knows how long pre-ordered Brawl).

We had two copies of Brawl, two televisions (one was rather small…) and of course two Wiis. I missed the first maybe 10 minutes due to the time change which I forgot about and they had already been playing for an hour… So I missed a few character unlocks. 😦

I started just by joining my friend on the smaller television in campaign for a while, of course, at that time and that Wii, we had the default players; but still, with some of the new defaults, I learned easily enough. I moved over to the larger television after about half an hour and stayed there for the rest of my time brawling.

We unlocked quite a few characters playing in just “Brawl” mode in multi-player. I can name a few off the top of my head (they will not be in general order 😛 ): Captain Falcon, Falco, Luigi, Marth, Ness, Snake and Sonic. All have different and unique abilities, although I didn’t try Falco, Ness or Sonic.

I really wanted to get Mr. Game & Watch (my best in Melee, I wanted to play as him…) before I left, and I’m sure if we had almost 125 matches, not close to 250, but oh well. I’m sad Mewtwo isn’t included but I also managed to unlock a few things before my nice greasy pizza came (you know, hardcore gamers like greasy pizza (and pop), right?). 😉

I think my best played characters in Brawl (and probably most used too) were Kirby (he was my second best in Melee too), the new character; the Pokemon Trainer and Pikachu. These are in my general order of first said being best etcetera. I seemed to move spam with Kirby’s DOWN+B though , but I got better afterwards.

I think I like DOWN+B so much because it is basically a more enduring shield with a longer usage time, and I can avoid smart bombs with it; even if I am directly in the center of the blast. I can avoid some final smashes too, such as Sonic’s one. Kirby has a bunch of other good moves too, so I stopped shying away from them later on.

The most lethal thing to me were the “Cracker Launchers” which are a new addition to the all the already existing weapons from Smash Bros. Melee. It can shoot way up high in the air and since kirby “flies” lots, it’s rather hard to not get hit. Speaking of the cracker launcher, we got 1000 kills with it.

Another great improvement is that when you are charging up a weapon, you can move! Yay! So you could by on a platform below everyone and then jump up with a charge, let go and watch it hit someone. It adds yet another style to Brawl.

Why don’t I just explain my three favorite character smashes; if you want to find out other character’s moves, just watch their “Move-set” video on youtube or elsewhere. Starting off, Kirby’s is the one from the amazing mirror (maybe another game before that one too); it will bring into it anything near; items, players, and cook them in it doing about 60 damage to each and multiplying the items gathered in by something I haven’t found out yet.

The Pokemon Trainer’s is just all three of the Pokemon that you can be emit a maelstrom of water, fire and wind/ grass wherever your switched out Pokemon was standing at the point of use; pretty good for generally flat stages. Finally, Pikachu’s just lets you transform into a fast moving ball of electricity that you can control and zaps anyone it touches generally sending them flying. Hehe.

I think, the best thing about Brawl is (No…) the (Final?) Smash Ball, it gives players something to fight about instead of each other and can get knocked out of someone if they are too slow to utilize it. I also like that each player’s final smash is different; and special.

Certain final smashes require the user to do, really nothing; others require someone in front of/ near the user and others enhance the user’s character in the form of attack or maybe like the Sonic/ Pikachu final smash, where the user becomes a ball of whatever and flies round the screen hurting anything it touches.

I didn’t play much campaign as said, but the cut-scenes looked very good from what I saw. I will have to mooch of my friend’s Wii more later on in the week to investigate this mode more 😈 . As I said, very, very fun and you just get that little feeling of excitement every time you see a new character/ map unlock coming up. I also want want to give a try to the map creator when I have time.

The graphics are amazing for the Wii (and the Wii’s graphics really aren’t bad for all you Wii graphic haters), the game-play is excellent, the animation and new backgrounds are wonderful, the final smashes keep the game interesting and the smallest details are taken into consideration by Nintendo too.

The new/ updated music is another great addition to the game, while you will also hear old music that should brings back memories. Another thing is there are re-done (to a certain extent) stages such as Hyrule Temple and the others are also great mind joggers.

Well, I honestly can’t wait to play this again, but for now I’m signing off to learn more about the different characters in Brawl, and how to unlock them for next time I play if they haven’t already been. I’ll watch my Move-set videos so go off and play now, for those of you that own this amazing game.


~ by nikopsk on March 9, 2008.

10 Responses to “The Brawl has started.”

  1. Ah, I’ll stick with Melee for now

  2. Noes! Practice with your trusty Gamecube controller to get better. 😉

  3. I need to buy a Wii! I remember playing Wii at my aunt’s friend’s house. We played Tennis (Wii Sports) for hours. And the Wii remotes make the game 10x funner 🙂

  4. Yup, I like playing excite truck too. 😛

  5. I HATE greasy pizza. Just absolutely! It makes me cringe. lol. I am a cleanfreak when it comes to my face and hands with food 😀

  6. You sure? I just love ooey gooey cheese filled crust too. 😆

  7. Nice summary of today Niko, but seriously, you have to stop spamming down B with Kirby, it’s uber annoying…and noobish.

  8. But fun, and it saves my arse. 😛

  9. I haven’t played it yet 😦 but I do have a wii and I hope to get it soon 😀

    BTW I love greasy pizza … heck any kind of pizza … and yes I love pineapple on my pizza too … I’ve had pineapple and sausage and loved it 😀

    /me ducks from the wrath to come

  10. Greasy pizza will live on forever in my heart. I like barbecue sauce instead of tomato paste too… 😆

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