Open Office gets new slide transitions

You might have already heard of this already as I am told this is old news. I just learned of this recently today, so it’s new to me and I’ll blog about it 😉 . They are very smooth transitions (maybe a bit better anti-aliasing) from what I’ve seen (and) in the videos watched. I really enjoy the most part of them, although some are more for looks than for actual presentable value and I would see them more in a photo slide show than a conference meeting.

I think my favorites of these new open GL transitions (yes, done with openGL 😀 ) is the “Turn around” and “Rochade”. Rochade seems to remind me of something done by apple (and I’m an apple fan… 😆 what do you expect) and the turn around something like a Compiz-Fusion effect.

Speaking of Compiz, lots of these transitions may remind you (as they do me) of it. Mainly the “Cube” and “Inside cube” transitions. Cool nonetheless. Some others resemble a few of Microsoft’s Office 2007 and Apple’s Keynote, but not entirely, which is good.

I still use the Microsoft product for my “office” related needs and I believe it has a vaster multitude of options. Open office is a great effort anyways, but I’m waiting a bit before using it for my day to day tasks.

As I said being a Mac fan and user, Rocahde and a few other of these plugins remind me of something (keynote! Keynote!) that seems to do a bit of a better job at them. No offense to the developer here, but maybe making a few more original transitions would be nice too. 🙂

Although, lots of these are very, very cool and I will love to try them when they come out in the next (stable?) release of Open Office. They should be in Gutsy I think by the time it’s out which is good news for me, because I get impatient (give me starcraft2 updates!!).

So, whenever this does come out, I hope you’ll enjoy it. For now, I’m stuck using Keynote and Office (not stuck, I rather enjoy them.. 😛 ) to do all of my day to day presentations/ word processing. I hope maybe some more transitions could be added and maybe, as I’ve been learning new things lately to maybe try and build my own transition… who knows?

There is another thing that I might want to share with you regarding transitions, something called KeyJnote, an application that displays presentation slides and is written in python, so of course everyone can use it. You might want to read about it here:

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~ by nikopsk on March 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Open Office gets new slide transitions”

  1. I can’t wait for these. I wonder if Office 2007 can do these 😈

  2. I know Keynote can. 😉 Have you tried KeyJnote yet? It’s awesome.

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