Final alpha, number 6

I checked this morning, then in the afternoon and then later on around three, just now, is it finally out. With this being the last alpha, it seems just a short while ago that Gutsy was released…

Honestly, there is not much new application wise, (that I haven’t blogged about already) so there leaves little for me to say; sadly. It’ll come with everything four and five did like Firefox 3, Transmission, Vinaigre, Brasero, World clock applet, GVFS etc…

I guess I could tell you if you wanted to upgrade from a non-work machine (something you don’t rely on and use every day) to Hardy alpha six you could run this little command from your terminal:
update-manager -d

That command should instruct update manager package to do a reconfiguration to hardy alpha six. It takes awhile though, I just prefer getting the ISO and burning it. Even if it’s just an alternate. It is easier for me (faster too).

Also Firefox will be at a nice stable version of three and some final tweak may be made in Firefox three and the Hardy release candidate such as the final say on the default theme some quick touch ups to graphics and more…

Another thing I really like is that Brasero is getting included. That’s a real plus. I would like the notification icon to have maybe a little face lift by maybe moving the percentage (which is a red (slightly opaque) layer on top that moves clockwise accordingly to the burn process) to maybe move up rather or radiate outwards; just a thought.

Pidgin might want to think about reconfiguring the text input window by maybe putting back the text formatting options back to where you can see them like in Gaim, easier theming of the application and better IRC support would be nice too. I find all the rest of Hardy’s grandiose nice, but as I stated recently also change the default theme to Human-Clearlooks. Again, all just my thoughts.

Maybe add a few better default games, like all the normal ones are family friendly, and I’m fine with that. But why not throw in frozen bubble (why don’t I blog about that soon, eh?) or some other non-violent addictive game? It would be nice 🙂 .

Just a few ideas of mine thrown in there to make this post more interesting for my readers as this sixth alpha hasn’t got much new. Chuck in a Human-icon theme twist, and it will complete another great release of Ubuntu.

I’ll wrap this up quickly as I have to go to bed (swimming makes my eyes hurt 😯 , I think I’ll do squash instead…), take some of my suggestions into consideration, heck, maybe start something at the Ubuntu Brainstorm site about them, see who likes them, I know, I do. 😉

Download Alpha 6:



~ by nikopsk on March 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Final alpha, number 6”

  1. Personally I’m looking forward to the betas. I need to do allot of testing on those before the full thing is released.

    See I run a guide on getting my Creative X-FI working in linux and to honest it’s a pain in the but.

    So I hope the beta comes out soon 😀

    |\| |_| |_ |_

  2. Yup, I like 6, I brought the liveCD to school (shhh). 😛

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