New Nexuiz 2.4; bring on the updates

Oh yeah! Pile them on! With a new graphical user interface, it feels, somehow, like a new game. When you launch up 2.4 you’ll notice three expose like windows each of which you can click on to zoom and each of those has their own sub-tabs. You will also notice a speed into loading the game/ matches/ maps. 😀 Glad to see that many of the map pack I posted about earlier mad it into 2.4 as well. Either they are,or I’m confused, although I did purge Nexuiz 2.3, so the stuff in~/.nexuiz should have been removed.

At first you might be a slight bit confused with this interface, but I managed to find my way around (customizing my character was a tough find) and am liking the effects all this has. I know my friend David kept complaining about the old “gui”, but it seemed more familiar to me… I embrace the change though.

The old gui was a slightly buggy and tough to deal with albeit, but I seem to like it better, oh well… Apparently Jon told me about this awhile ago, but I guess I forgot 😉 . A few select friends and I used to have Nexuiz matches at least once a day; we’d sometimes have people from ubuntuforums as well. Fun… Although, Teewars seems to have replaced it. With the new stuff happening, I might want to move back into Nexuiz.

Also, creating a server is rather hard and confusing too, which is sad. To get to the before easy to access weapon modifications you have to run a server from the command line/ terminal… boo, hiss. Your server is also (when you make one from Nexuiz) named “yourname’s Nexuiz Server”…

Anyways, game play is much the same although slight (but noticeable) upgrades have been made there as well. The ones you may notice the most are some new weapon skins, the widget like thing at the bottom left corner and some new pickup skins.

Although, with the new graphics, I noticed a bit of lag, so I had to bump them down a notch. I’m fine with that, it still looks good. Certain user/ player skins have also gotten an update, and look nicer. I still haven’t really found out what the new widget style thing does, but I know it has the match time… 😯

I hope the Ubuntu repositories are updated soon, so that I can just apt-get it to my Linux box, but for now, we have to download it. Nexuiz is fast paced and very fun, if I haven’t said that already. Thanks to the given instructions over at Tombuntu (I give credit when it’s due, now don’t get me ranting about something I just found about this morning… 😡 ), we can just wget it, unzip, move, delete the zip and frag!

Rah! Okay, to wget it (basically download from the terminal) just enter this:
wget -P ~

Now, go grab a cup of coffee while it does that. When it’s done unzip, move and delete:
unzip ~/ -d ~ && sudo mv ~/Nexuiz /opt/ && rm ~/

Okay, since this is wget’d, there won’t be an entry in “Games”, let’s make one by right clicking on the menu bar/ main menu and then hitting “Edit Menus”. Navigate to the Games section along the left; once in there click “New Item”.

For name you can simply put “Nexuiz” and for the command you’ll want to put “/opt/Nexuiz/”. You can choose an icon of your choice, but I prefer the simple 2.3 logo (there is the new 2.4 logo too on the Nexuiz site):

Now, go play! Have fun and don’t get lost in the new gui 😆 .


~ by nikopsk on March 5, 2008.

8 Responses to “New Nexuiz 2.4; bring on the updates”

  1. Nice suggestion, the wget and coffee sounds like a good idea 😀

    I have to say I do like the download status bar for firefox … but wget is good 😛

    |\| |_| |_ |_

  2. Well, alternatively, you could just goto sourceforge, download the zip, extract and move + delete all manually, but I’m lazy… 😛

  3. Can’t wait till I finish my HW so I can do this!

  4. Hehe, and no need for map pack anymore. 🙂 You’ll enjoy the compiz-y gui.

  5. I’ll have to try this out sometime. I have never played it.
    Is it multiplayer?… I guess it would be.

    If so, then we could set up a few LAN clients and play it with my neighborhood friends 🙂

    By the way, how big is it to download?

  6. I hope this doesn’t kill you… 285 Megabytes exactly… It’s multi player, but there is also campaign and you can set up private servers with bots. 🙂 I played this with seisen, ajmorris and jacob too sometimes. 😆

  7. LOL. Should have figured.
    Well, if I find a torrent, I’ll download it bit by bit like I have done other stuff 😀

  8. There should be torrents a plenty. 😉

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