The human-* Themes

As many of you might know, * is the all endowed wildcard, so it could be anything… think: human-dinosaur etc… 😆 . Anyways, there are two new themes in town, one named human-murrine and the other, human-clearlooks, which is aptly based on gnome clearlooks as pointed out to me by the tombuntu blog (I am not one to notice these things, I don’t theme and generally just leave everything default except the wallpaper).

Anyways, when I first glanced at murrine, it did look a bit flashy, and it is. I’m just glad Ubuntu is getting a visual refresh. I’m not really scared of change, I’ll change something if it’s forced upon me, but oh well, you get the idea. 😛 It has more shiny buttons (ooh) and rounded rectangles for buttons with a nice shine to them too; goody gumdrops. I do enjoy this theme’s scroll-bars albeit.

Clearlooks is a bit more refined (but both still need further optimization, and they have plenty of time for that) as it isn’t all shiny. It has light shade unto certain aspects of itself, but it’s appearance is natural. When mousing over buttons/ widgets (widgets, as they are called in firefox, and so then I guess in Ubuntu) with this theme you get a pleasing simple orange gradient. Something I did not know, as I don’t use Hardy as much as I want to for various reasons, is that the button focus is much better than that of Gutsy. Basically it’s a nice orange (I never though an orange shading would look good 😯 ) shadow around the widget/ button.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against murrine, and appreciate the time and effort put into both these themes by the developers. I have my proper tastes, as do you. I don’t really use compiz, you might. 🙂 So, it’s good new themes are coming into play. It’s even better that two new themes are coming into play. It gives more option, choice and freedom(ness).

While I’m here, why not say again, that these two themes not finals. In fact, they need a bit (lot?) more time to finish them up and dust out the bugs. I’d like to see a possible human icons twist too if conditions permit. The human icon theme is nice as is, but I just like variety. Too bad we didn’t get the full-scale colossus visual update, I saw some concepts, and some were nice (willy wonka, anyone?), others not so. But still, I’m now extremely happy with this, and who knows, maybe all you wanting of will get your redesign in Ibex? 😉



~ by nikopsk on March 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “The human-* Themes”

  1. Hay it’s good that they’re trying to redo the gui on 8.06 😀 I just hope that the community likes it.

    Thansk for the post
    |\| |_| |_ |_

  2. No problem… I’d like to to see human-clearlooks go default instead of murrine though…

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