Smoothwheel firefox addon

Wow, this makes me in an odd sense feel like my browser has been remade… Wow… Okay, now that I’m finished running around this add-on wildly and gazing at how amazing it is, I’ll tell you about it, what it does and where to find it.

Even right now, I’m scrolling up and down the page… ooh… ah… It is probably the most amazing thing since Compiz-Fusion wobbly windows… I still can’t stop admiring this… I should probably stop blabbering or you’ll stop reading. Down to business.

So, basically this firefox (actually a mozilla plug-in, pretty old, but it’s still a .xpi and it works, so all the better…) add-on makes your scrolling natural like rather than somewhat choppy scrolling normally provided in firefox. I found other add-ons similar, this was the best.

Once you install it, as I did, you’ll notice right away that it’s a better overall experience. You can customize the many aspects of it such as keys to make the scrolling faster or add finesse, the speed of the scroll, the step size (in pages, like 1/7 a page 🙂 ). You can achieve these modifications by just going to Tools -> Add-ons and locating the plug-in (it needs to be installed, look down for the link) then finally hitting preferences. Play around in there.

For some, you won’t like this and go into anaphylactic shock (you are probably hyper-sensitive… 😆 ) you can always go without it, or use the keyboard. Remember: up, down space, shift+space.

It’s just I can’t seem to know how I lived with the clunky normal/ default scrolling… This just seems much more natural to me. It even does the smooth scrolling in enclosed scrolling areas, such as the one I’m writing in now…

While I’m here, and speaking of add-ons/ plug-ins (whatever) I was going to blog about some cool (two, to be exact) pidgin plug-ins I found out about. But, no, they wouldn’t compile, like the other one I tried a while ago. They were just notification plug-ins, but I was really looking forward to trying libnotify, it looked so good…

Anyways, such is life. I have to go in a bit as apparently as I spend to much time on the computer (and so do most 13-25+ year olds, more so with the linux people 😉 ). I will find something interesting to come, I hope you enjoyed this and have fun admiring how nice your scrolling is. 😛 (This should be (an option) in nautilus!)



~ by nikopsk on March 3, 2008.

16 Responses to “Smoothwheel firefox addon”

  1. i like this plugin, it will take me a while to get used to it but i think im going to be addicted to it like compiz 😀

  2. This is brilliant.

    I had never heard about this plugin, but then I hardly ever use plugins or addons or whatsoever. But this one really improves scrolling dramatically.

    Thanks for the tip!


  3. No problem, if you have just delved into plug-ins with this one and are shy of others… look around, read reviews etc… Or even go to the most downloaded/ highest rated on the page. I recommend ad-block to you, even to try. It’s great. I really only have three add-ons if you don’t count ubufox. I use gpg, so I have firegpg.

    Yes, this is great, glad you enjoyed,

  4. This is Brendon’s wife, and I just wanted you to know that he died of anaphylactic shock because of your stupid plugin. Thanks, jerk. 🙂

    Ok, just kidding. I will try that out sometime, it sounds pretty cool.

  5. im glad you like to count me as spam nikoPSK 😛 i see how it is

  6. Very nice plug-in/post! I’m enjoying it allot already:D

    |\| |_| |_ |_ |-| 3 /-\ D

  7. No problem, very nice you all enjoy. Sorry, EXID3, it managed to tag your comment as spam again… 😆 (Sadly true) And. I’m sorry to hear Brendon’s wife… too bad, he was a good friend.

    |\| | |{ 0 P 5 |{

  8. I have used this plugin before, but really never liked it… Ah well. Just my personal choice I guess 😉

    |) R 5 |\/| 4 |_ |_

  9. Well I’m an Opera user, but Niko told me to add to the ascii chain, so here goes :

  10. Dr Small fears anaphylactic shock. Nathan, you said you’d slowly move back into firefox, right? 😉

    |\| | |{ 0 P 5 |{

  11. I decided against it

  12. I couldn’t get it working in Firefox 3.0b3 in Hardy.. it said something about won’t install because it doesn’t provide secure updates.

    Anyway, I looked around on the Mozilla plugins page and found a similar addon that works with firefox3.. “Yet Another Smooth Scrolling”. It seems to do the same thing – I have a nice glide motion now and I can adjust the acceleration.

  13. AH, I saw that too, I seem to prefer this one. 🙂 I did give the other a try before I posted this.

  14. I tried YASS as mentioned a couple posts above, but it broke shift/scroll to navigate back/forward, which I found very annoying

  15. Hrm, did you try Smoothwhell after? 🙂

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