Is cheating in games wrong?

In life, the answer to above is for sure 😉 , yes. Well, my debate here with myself will be a difficult one. Let’s start off by saying this doesn’t involve gaming online (that’s an even worse way of cheating) but rather just single player or campaign modes of a game.

For one, I used to cheat a lot in Starcraft… bad, bad me. I sucked at it and thought the only thing that would heighten my image of myself would be to cheat. Add things like invincibility to my units, create unlimited resources, view through the fog of war etc (Starcraft is a real-time strategy game for those of you non-hardcore gamers or Koreans)…

So, this, made me suck more at the game and also really accomplished nothing for myself. I’d sometimes even use cheats to bypass a level… Well, I’ve been working on not-cheating in Starcraft, and it’s been hard. I could have just started out without it but no…

So, now I’m learning to be better, of course if I went in any online games early on I’d get smoked. Now, question is: why do game developers incorporate cheating as an aspect of the game? Some cheats in Starcraft were mainly for amusement, so maybe that’s one reason.

Now, set the fun cheats aside and focus on the cheats that make you feel good about how you are not getting plowed by the artificial intelligence. Why? I can’t answer that, sadly… I leave it up to you to wonder or tell me. If games are for the experience than why add things that degrade/ go against such aspects?

Still today, they are being incorporated into our games, whatever type they may be. I still find some “cheats” fun, and use them mainly for amusement. One of these was just to use a cheat that gave never ending mana. I could then bring some High Templars (unit in Starcraft) in to create a whole bunch of illusion units. They were just clones that couldn’t attack and were seen by the enemy as true units. So when you send in 100 or so units that don’t really exist towards an enemy, the amusement factor ensures.

Now, do you cheat? If so, why? What does it do for you and what game? There are two types of cheating, those for false profit and those for fun. Stick to the fun ones please and don’t think the false profit ones will make you better, in fact they make you worse and you’ll have to work months to get the skill you missed back.

Listen to the PSK,


~ by nikopsk on March 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Is cheating in games wrong?”

  1. Well I sorta not really cheat … like if I finish a game and I’ve won the game through a few times and I’ve about to set it on the shelf than I might go get some cheats for it, but I never cheat for single player games. Now I do use cheats allot on Star Wars Jedi Knight 3 Jedi Academy… because I’ve finished the game countless times and there is really nothing left for me to do in the game.

  2. Yes, better for afterwards exploration. 😉

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