Cool colour focusing.

I’ve often wondered how to do this as I’ve seen it so many times in commercials (Such as the ING one 😉 ). The effect is, most of the image is Grey-scale and one object has all it’s colours retained. It gives another kind of focusing effect, like the blur one I covered earlier on.

Well, now I can accomplish it in one of my favorite applications, the gimp. I’ve long made things in the gimp, and this is another easy one for those of you scared of image editing. So first, find an image, it can be anything, just make sure it has a vibrant color or central object in it.

So, open it up with the gimp. Let’s start by duplicating the layer; or we could say image. Do that by going to Layer -> Duplicate Layer. Once it’s done (should only take a second) you’ll have two layers of the same image. Don’t go to the original one, instead lets make this layer black and white.

We can do that by going to Colours -> Colorify/ Colourize. It should already be on a black and white tone if you haven’t played with it yet. Just click okay. Now that that is done, let’s just take out our eraser. Choose whatever size you feel fit and then just erase the object you want to be focused by the color. You can use the magic wand, as I did in my example (but it was just a quick demonstration) but it’s best to erase around the corners and then just do the enclosed space.

You’ll see the colour appear underneath, that’s the other layer. As you are on the duplicate, you can’t erase the bottom layer; so don’t worry. Once done, you’ll have a nicely focused image, good for wallpapers!

Now, I devised an alternate method for this, all you have to do is have an image that the forward object is one colour and that colour (it can have slight shading/ lighting though) is only on the frontal object.

You will now want to grab your “Select With Colour” tool and click on the object. It should (as it did in mine) grab all things of the same basic colour. So now, just goto Select -> Invert to grab around what was previously enclosed.

You know can just Grey-scale that by as in the first method going to Colours -> Colorify/ Colourize. Just hit okay and bang, there you go. Faster, but only works on some pictures. I’ll enclose my example below, I think this is another good method of focusing viewers to a certain object and lifehacker (great site, I recommend to you and others) gets credit for citing this in the first place. (Second method goes to me 😆 )

My quick and dirty example:

Sorry, as I said, not the best one. 😛


~ by nikopsk on March 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Cool colour focusing.”

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  2. W00T… 😀

  3. wow great tutorial Niko!! I’ll have to try this out!

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