I love you, Alltray.

It’s true… since the last half-hour I’ve known it, I just fell in love. It’s very nifty, and useful. Basically, you know applications that when you close them are still running in the background and appear in the notification area, or the dock as it’s called.

The applications with that feature include mainly the messaging programs, or internet related ones. Have you ever wished you could put something out of the window list and into the notification area where you can click on it to show/ hide it? Well, then alltray is for you.

I use it with totem quite a bit, although I normally just move the player to the second viewport. It’s nice in the dock though, more convienient for me. It can be used for other things such as the terminal too (but who needs that when you have tilda? 😉 ).

It can dock practically anything that’s windowed (by that I mean not fullscreen) and you can right click the docked application to close it, hide/ show it or undock it. Let us first start by installing it. Open up a terminal and type in:

sudo apt-get install alltray

Pretty simple from there forth, just wait for it to finish and either type “alltray” in a terminal or an ALT+F2 dialog. You will see a Grey window that is in the center of your screen and a cursor similar to the xkill cursor, but a cross, not an x.

Just click on the application you want to condemn (ahem, send) to your notification area on your panel. Make sure it’s in “front”. It will now disappear to the dock. Now you can bring it back to life by clicking the icon, or alternatively right clicking it and selecting show/ hide.

Once it’s back up, you’ll notice when you close it or minimize, it will go to it’s place in the notification area. Neat. When you mouse over the icon you also get the name, which can be handy for multiple docked items of the same thing.

Well, I hope you enjoy this as much as tilda or even some other things I’ve blogged about, I certainly do. It brings joy to my software’s heart, leaves my workspace less cluttered and is innovative in every way. Big thumbs up! (It works for XFCE, KDE and Gnome 🙂 )



~ by nikopsk on February 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “I love you, Alltray.”

  1. Yeah, I have used alltray in the past, and found it very useful to um, hide MSN chat sessions 😀

  2. LOL

  3. I used it before to have Thunderbird minimise to the tray 🙂 It was quite useful for that, it meant I didn’t have to have Thunderbird running in a minimised window all the time (that got annoying fast)

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