Mozilla Labs’ Prism

Due to life getting more busy for me, I’ve had less time to spend on the computer for things such as my blog… I hope it’s not as busy as it has been… Well, enjoy this post, and maybe give this application a try. 🙂

This is yet another application I’ve read about in the past and have been wanting to try… Only a faint reminder brought it back up in my memory. The application in question, developed by mozilla, is meant to bring the web to your desktop.

Simply put, it’s not for site browsing really, just cloud applications and the like. Good for say, gmail etcetera. You have easy access when maybe you linked a bit around, to “install” something else by clicking the little gear at the bottom right and then hitting that option.

You can print pages too, which can be good for the email “installations” in prism. You have some various options when configuring prism: The URL, just the site you want to “install”. The name, the link to open the application in prism will be named as you input. Various check boxes are also included, though I prefer them all off:

Show Location Bar
Show Status Messages and Progress
Enable Navigation Keys

I can see why certain people would like these ticked off. Although it’s a nice concept, all it really is is a simple customized web browser (firefox) with links to different sites that are placed on you desktop. It’s a neat idea, but the interface needs a bit of cleanup.

I think (think, correct me if I am wrong here) it’s still in it’s early stages, so there is room for improvement and I am sure mozilla will gladly take some constructive criticism from me. It’s nice, but I still prefer my beloved firefox.

As stated, I believe work will be done, for now, it’s basically a custom build of firefox. It may be useful to those who use cloud applications often, but as I mentioned (I actually day it all the time 😉 ), I am not one of the people who do.

If you want to, you can read more about prism:

Download it (linux):



~ by nikopsk on February 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Mozilla Labs’ Prism”

  1. Could you show me a screenshot of this?

  2. Sorry, too lazy right now… 😆 Just go here:


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