Battlefield 1942: The Complete Collection

Well, I’ll start off stating this is the first game I’ve bought in a longtime, mainly due to torrents being so convenient. Or simply just borrowing games from friends and getting a no CD patch… Anyways, I’ve played 1942 without any expansions before, and others of this series such as the Vietnam redux (A redux is four disks? šŸ˜› ) and Battlefield 2. I got this yesterday, but due to relatives being over from Ontario for the weekend, I couldn’t really find the time to install it. Not to mention space on my primary drive, so I had to put it on my secondary (Seems noexec was enabled on my secondary, but we fixed that).

The only that I haven’t really played in this series is 2142. It looks good, but I’ll be needing a new graphics card and more RAM until I can play it… But anyways, this nice little collection I’ve been looking at for some time now. I saw it for ten dollars on amazon and was able to get it for the same price at a local EBgames.

It includes:
Battlefield 1942
Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII
Battlefield 1942: the Road To Rome
Battlefield Vietnam

Which is a pretty good deal if you ask myself.

What I love about the battlefield series is not only the game-play, but the music. If you haven’t heard it, do so now. Just google/ youtube (funny how those have become common words in our society…) “battlefield 1942 theme” or something. The game runs great in wine, which is nice (besides the occasional bug). It should as well, as it is an older game.

Well, there was a bit of discussion over at #ubuntuforums-beginners before I went ahead and installed these 3 gigabytes worth of gaming gold; I first had to solve my longtime problem of things not executing on my secondary drive (python scripts, linux executables etc… I could view normal documents, audio, video and pictures though). We fixed all that in fstab. Before I start actually blogging about my experience of this game, I have to give a big hand to Majorix for walking me through (all of) this.

For installation, it took about 25-30 minutes, it reminds me of Starcraft how long it took; for eight disks, that’s pretty quick. Well, I had to put them in my slower drive because wine doesn’t seem to find my faster one. For the disk switching process I had to enter “wine eject f:” every time then pop in the next disk. I installed it on my secondary drive (it has 18 Gigs left compared to five for my primary) which was recognized as “g” by wine.

I then went though that painful process of waiting a bit, once done, I launched up “Secret Weapons of WWII” and started the campaign (Which is the normal 1942 campaign, but, whatever šŸ˜† ) and encountered random bug(s). I thought the textures had installed wrong, but no. It’s just wine’s weird way of glitches. If I encounter this, I can just restart Battlefield. So, I’m all good. šŸ˜€

It has incredible AI as well, there was one mission we all advanced together and We stayed behind the tank, we’d capture bases accordingly. I was picking of guys wth my sniper, possibly 20 at the first five minutes. There was one base that was on higher ground, just before I sniped the opposing soldier, he through a grenade which I failed to notice and thus ended my first spawning. What I realy love are the names, they are realistic.

Some of my favorite things to do in this/ these game(s) (well, in 1942, since I haven’t delved into the expansion expansions yet) is just play as sniper and pick out enemies from a high point behind my tanks. It provides cover for me, whilst I provide cover for them. It’s kind of sad watching your virtual teammates flying into the air from a shell shot, but that will be re-payed later šŸ‘æ . The graphics are perfectly fine for this, and, I think, are great for a 2002 game.

Let me get to my second (and third) favorite things to do in this game. Besides scout, engineer is another of my favorite classes. I’ll just take a normal jeep and drop dynamite in there. I then take the jeep, drive it towards a bunch of enemies/ tank (running over ones in my way as well) and getting out of the vehicle maybe 10 feet away from the tank/ enemies. It will keep going. I have the detonator out and as it nears I just blast (mines are fun too). Highly effective. šŸ˜ˆ

I like blasting enemies close up with bazookas too, but that’s beside the point. I’m going to enjoy this for a very long time, and cherish it as a classic game. It gets my 10 out of 10 here. If you haven’t already played it, I recommend this and the other games in the battlefield series to you. You will enjoy them. (By the way, Vietnam comes with the WWII mod and you get a map editor/ creator for 1942 and Vietnam. Speaking of mods, I’ve heard the “Desert Combat” one is very good, I should give that a try as well) Remember, 42 is the answer to life.

Coming up next for game reviews, The orange box? (Possibly?)

Best to you all,


~ by nikopsk on February 25, 2008.

6 Responses to “Battlefield 1942: The Complete Collection”

  1. $10 for the pack? hell im going tomorrow to get me a copy! i just found half life 2 and counter strike source together for $5 so this would be another good addition to my starting collection šŸ˜‰

  2. I never knew to use
    wine eject f:

    I may have to try loading First To Fight in again, because that was my problem, of the discs not ejecting šŸ˜€

  3. Well, it’s a handy little trick Majorix told me for switching application disks under wine. Of course, replace “f” with your cdrom drive letter, which can be found in winecfg in the drives tab.

    EDIT: Sorry EXID3, I don’t check my spam that often, and it thought you were a spammer… I’m getting all these whacked out comments of gibberish on any random post, annoying.

  4. It helped for getting First to Fight to install, but back to square one as for getting the game to actually play… šŸ˜

  5. Ah, what seems to be the issue? (For gameplay?)

  6. It could be because WMP9 would not install, but the game only began to load once, which sent my resolution into 800×600, and then exited.

    I had to restart X to get back to normal resolution, and then after that, the game would never launch, even after several attempts to wine reboot.

    So who knows where the problem lies, and even the wine website says it is not supported. šŸ˜¦

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