Broken promises.

I notice nowadays, no-one reads (and if they do, they don’t obey) EULAs and/ or advertisements stating you have to be a certain age or over to join/ use facebook or some other site (I myself, never have/ will use facebook, I am not one for cloud applications).

For one, let us start with IRC. The freenode channel clearly states:

By registering your nickname with Nickserv you agree that you are 13 years of age, or older. For more information about the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act please see their website at (

How many users under twelve use IRC? Lots, I know many. Let’s start with another one I stated in my first paragraph; facebook. Yes, the the most time-wasting cloud app (cluttered too) that I have ever seen. I need to condemn it somewhere… Anyways:

I am still in Middle school (One year left, of you don’t know already), yet, 11 year old kids are using a site within such, you aren’t allowed anyways for school, you aren’t allowed for the EULA which they/ you clearly signed your soul to by clicking accept and are playing stupid games when I need the computer 👿 .

Also, you people. Read your license agreements. They contain information that you might need in future times, or now. Before you install or agree. There were some windows applications in past which stated they would include spyware (they didn’t call it that, it said something like: for quality assurance, we are including monitoring software along with ___ ).

It’s just better, even scanning through two or three times, can reveal that you might not be in accord with the agreement in which so many people mindlessly hit “I aggree”. If it’s a game, it also states what you can and cannot do (for online games mainly), some things might be useful for you to know.

Well, I’m just here trying to spread it around that so many underage people are using software that they shouldn’t be. Need a good lesson all of them 😉 . Well, I’m just going to say, Don’t break your EULA, it might cost you. Have exact change.



~ by nikopsk on February 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “Broken promises.”

  1. I used to break every EULA in the book. 😛
    Thank goodness I’m 16 (17 next month) now 🙂

  2. All that is behind us now Dr Small… 😉

  3. heh I’ve never listened to ’em 😀 on facebook it says I’m 26 >:)

  4. Well, we all know how evil you are. 😈

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