HD-DVD has the Blus

I’m a bit late… Anyways, blu-ray and HD-DVD could have been friends if they weren’t intimate objects. Sadly, toshiba doesn’t lose (It has billions more), it’s the people who bought HD-DVD players and stocked up for collections.

It was announced yesterday that toshiba was waving the white flag to sony in the format war. It mainly died due to Warner, and Paramount who moved away from HD-DVD and went to the Blu.

Sony’s Playstation 3 also was another contributor into the downfall of HD-DVD, it was cheap (for blu-ray), it’s games used blu-ray format and henceforth you could watch blu-ray movies on it too.

No more HD-DVD units are being produced anymore as well. So, what do you do with your HD-DVDs now? You can make them blu and sell your player on eBAy. . Both formats used maxed out 1080p.

I think many people are stung by the demise of HD-DVD, luckily, there are enough movies out there in that format, so no need to chuck your player quite yet. Remember when Sony lost to VHS with it’s betamax awhile ago?

VHS became pretty much standard use. Then DVD came, and that was used. Now these two formats (or now just one I guess…). What’s next? Bigger storage, more quality, higher price… I’ll stick with my DVDs and CDs right now thank you very much.

If I was like 20 and wanted to buy either format, I’d wait till something like this happens and go with the latter. It’s a shame really, HD-DVD could have kept going if the movie producers didn’t jump ship.

Well, I guess just my random one day late ramblings, I still think it’s a loss. I have looked on eBay and there are a bunch of HD-DVD players already out there… too bad. Well, I still wonder; what is next. Little plastic/ glass blocks that store data? Well, I’m going to leave you now, with those thoughts in you head. I’m off to game.

Best to you,


~ by nikopsk on February 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “HD-DVD has the Blus”

  1. Well I liked blu-ray better 😛 it’s kind of supid that there was two anyways … I’m glad it’s all over with.

  2. HD-DVD is such a long name too… 😆

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