Gimmie shines up your gnome panel.

See? I told you you couldn’t get a post everyday πŸ˜‰ . I could write about things I’ve known about for a bit, but I like to keep this current. If one of those older applications gets an update, I’d write about the update and the application then. But anyways, enough of this, lets sit down and talk about gimmie.

So, I’ll hold your hand through all of this, and tell you about the things you would have otherwise discovered on your own. Lets first open up a terminal (Application -> Accessories -> Terminal) and type/ copy in the command:

sudo apt-get install gimmie

Once done, don’t use gimmie the program (It’s big, clunky and obtrusive), lets add the gimmie applet to our gnome panel. Lets do this by: Right clicking a panel, then hitting “Add to panel”, locating the gimmie applet then clicking add. You can move the applet to wherever you so desire. If you want to, it does have the functionality to replace the menu bar… but…

Back to business. When done You’ll see four nicely coloured (I’m Canadian, so color isn’t my thing πŸ˜› ) buttons. The first being white, then blue, then green and finally red. They all have a nice sheen to them. Lets start by clicking on the “Linux” button. You’ll notice along the left side, different categories.

It will always be at the top category in whatever section. You’ll see that you can switch users, shut down, search for things and view the different categories such as recently used, places, printers etc… Let’s now move into the “Programs” button.

You navigate through the different (sub)menus on the left, view your recently used applications, find applications and run the Add/ Remove application by hitting “Install & Update”. (It’s actually called gnome-app-install, little bit of knowledge you can use to higher your image among fellow geeks πŸ˜† ) Now, we can hit the green “Library” button.

Search, is in every menu, so I wont note it anymore. You can see all your recent activity of launching/ viewing/ listening to files, jump to a place in nautilus, create a new document and filter through your history. Let’s move into the highly useful “People” menu.

This is the greatest of all of them. It integrates with pidgin and you can add contacts, change your status (not that it’s already easy enough πŸ˜‰ ), view every single contact or siv through to the single services of your contacts (like AIM).

Well, this was my brief summary of this useful (application?) applet. I hope you enjoy. It might help you, you might not like it; but for the people that do, and are willing to experiment, go ahead. I recommend to you, gimmie.

PS: When I have time, I’ll re-categorize all my posts πŸ˜€



~ by nikopsk on February 19, 2008.

7 Responses to “Gimmie shines up your gnome panel.”

  1. Screenshot?

  2. That’s what I was going to say πŸ˜€

  3. Here you go:


  4. ItΕ› good looking, but sooooooooooo slow

  5. Darn, what do you to to make it so? Is it like that for you just all around?

  6. hi guys try the svn version
    it has googledocs, facebook, flickr and evolution integration
    i will be commiting the youtube patch soon
    Seif Lotfy

  7. Thanks for the update Seif! I will be sure to give it a go while also updating this post. Sorry your comment didn’t get in right away as I am on a trip at the current time. When I’m back I’ll check it out.


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