My run-through with Thunderbird

I decided I needed to stop trying to get hotmail to work in Evolution, so I just installed thunderbird with a quick apt-get. I launched it up and discovered I needed to get the extension under the name of “webmail”. So I go and download the .xpi file install it in thunderbird as an add-on.

I set it up, telling it it’s pop protocol, and that my remote host is localhost… When done, I enter my password and it did the same thing Evolution did. It had a nice little dialog telling me it couldn’t find the folder “inbox”.

You know, great, wonderful. I really want to check my hotmail without heading to the site. Thunderbird looked so nice too. I don’t know really whats up, but I’m sure it has to do with Windows “Live” hotmail.

This is beginning to really irk me. I think I’ll just up and leave hotmail. I’ll use maybe as Dr Small suggested “hackermail” (I’m sure I will 😉 ), I already have AIM, Yahoo and Gmail accounts, but they are for Instant messaging, my hotmail account is my main one, and I am too lazy to transfer all my contacts, messages and newsletters over there… maybe someday.

I guess for no, I’ll stick to my very un-often checking of my email and going through the 50 or so messages I get a day. It just is nice. Before, in windows I was using Windows live mail Desktop, and that was a nice bells and whistles, useful and nice looking application.

Who knows, maybe Evolution and Thunderbird will hear out my plea; or microsoft maybe, and do something to fix this error(?). I would warmly embrace it, that’s for sure.

Well, it’s been a half or so our of half-assed fiddling with Evolution, then removing it, trying thunderbird and discovering that doesn’t work either. Excuse my language there, but it’s just a wee bit frustrating. I’m off to bed.



~ by nikopsk on February 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “My run-through with Thunderbird”

  1. Thunderbird can import Hotmail… FirefoxWiz has done it, only I don’t know how.

    Ask her.

  2. I know it can, but the Windows live server doesn’t let it. The folder “inbox” is never found. I tried multiple different things, but none worked.

  3. I know it’s a silly work-around, but can’t you “tell” hotmail to forward all messages to e.g. a gmail account? And then you can configure that one into evolution or thunderbird?

    Just a thought… /me knows nothing about hotmail…


  4. I would rather not, hope it doesn’t come to that… 🙂

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