Plans for my blog

I have multiple ideas in store for my blog. Let me list them all here in this post. First off, I would really like to get my own hosting, the hosting portably wouldn’t be just for my blog, but other things as well.

I don’t have much clue what the other (hosted) things will be (maybe a forum for all my tutorials?), due to this being just an idea right now. A great thing about hosting for this blog is I can get custom widgets/ things in my sidebar and a custom theme.

The current theme, I admit, is nicer than the previous, but still has minor bugs and I want to go for something different. There is enough selection from the current themes, but on, there are plenty of other nice/ great themes.

Things have been changing around here, I’ve been busy alot, glad I can grab a post in each day so far, but truth be told, there are some days where I just won’t be able to. Also, I seem to be moving slowly out of Ubuntu forums… I don’t know why.

Things will change also when I get my new mac, I will then be adding OSX stuff to the things I blog about. Then I can maybe game a bit more since mac is better supported for games (commercial type) and then maybe I can do some reviews of them. I know David isn’t one for macs, but I let him go on about it. 😀 Ben (person who brought me into linux) is a real mac fan too.

In case you don’t know (you probably don’t), him and I collect vintage macs. I have a //c and an SE and he has a Powerbook (old) and a newer iMac. I can then use my iPod as well with the new mac, as I just gave up after fussing with about 7 different non-commercial iTunes replacements for linux, none worked. 😦

Also, I’d like the small number of viewers to my site to rate the current state of this blog out of ten for one being the lowest ans ten being the highest. Be truthful, also state, have you enjoyed anything from here? Learned anything?

Anyways, right now these are just ideas; off to play teewars,


~ by nikopsk on February 16, 2008.

6 Responses to “Plans for my blog”

  1. 9/10

    -1 pt for:

    Your avatar scares the crap out of me ( 😯 )
    The theme is a little rough on the eyes

    You have a good writing style, keep it up. Remember be balanced on the tips 😛

  2. Yes, hosting your own blog and whatever else you want, is the way to go, but as for free hosting, it’s hard to come by…
    If I had your type of internet speeds, I would host myself on my server 😉

    As for the rating, I forget what I rated you last time, but it was rather low because your blog was new and your style of writing just didn’t impress me, but over the last month (maybe 2?) your posts have had more content and the overall view of your site looks better, so I’ll give you a 10/10 because I see nothing wrong with your website 🙂

    Keep up the good work. I read your blog every day 😉

  3. Thank you very much both of you. I’ve only had this blog up for 1 month and a bit, I try to keep a post a day for daily viewers. All my posts seem to be later in the night, so I guess it’s best to check my blog in the mornings.

    Yes, my avatar… I do love it. It was my first avatar on my first forum, so it’s dear to me in a sense. Some people disapprove of it, but it’s their opinion.

    Anyways, yes. Maybe I’ll host just my blog, and wordpress can set up my domain for me. Anyways, as I said, just ideas for now.


  4. I’d say 10/10. I like your blog. It’s got a lot of good info on it. And it looks nice (except for a few theme glitches, but the content is more important and that’s what counts 😉 )

  5. Very Nice blog 🙂 Gr8 content and nice write up 🙂 9.5/10

  6. Thanks very much darkstar! I know you from awn right… 😉 , Sorry, haven’t had much time on ubuntuforums lately…

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