Rearange your window buttons!

Ever felt not at home, or wanted more customization away from the windows feel? Want the close, maximize and minimize on the left? Want to rearrange a bit? Well, heres how. 🙂

First, let’s open up ever helpful gconf editor by hitting ALT+F2 then typing “gconf-editor”. Once open, navigate to Apps ->Metacity -> General, then locate “button_layout” on the right hand side. Right click it, then “Edit Key”. If you want to return to default buttons, right click and then “Unset Key”.

Now, basically the four different options are as follows:

Menu: The Application icon and Title
Minimize: To hide the application down in the taskbar/ panel
Maximize: To resize the application to take up full window space
Close: The close button for terminating applications

The colon “:” separates the buttons from left to right side. Example: Leftbutton:Rightbutton. The button names are separated by a comma “,”. So say I wanted a more mac feel I’d do the following Value:


That should do it, you don’t have to include all the buttons as well (Although I need them…) so you could remove the minimize (why? 😯 ) button or something. It’s best just to play around with it and find what suits you.

PS: This works with compiz too, what I mean is, if you have compiz running, this still gets recognized.

Have fun,


~ by nikopsk on February 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “Rearange your window buttons!”

  1. Attribute your entries, niko. I know where you got this from.


  2. That’s neat. I always wanted to try something like that.
    Unfortunately, I’m in IceWM though.

  3. Oh you do… hehe, I’m also mr daily lifehacker reader. 😉 , It is cool, I just wanted to share it. Oh, and Dr Small, when you boot into ubuntu, try it.

  4. Thanks. I needed some configuration help switching from KDE. KDE4…

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