My take on Internet Slang.

For one, I don’t like it. I can understand it in a fast paced game (like, say, Nexuiz where every second counts πŸ˜€ ), but Instant Messaging isn’t a game. I understand it’s instant, but how much longer does it take to write “to” rather that “2”? I know that sometimes the shortcut is a lot shorter than the actual word, but still, if you’re good at typing (and if you aren’t, learn) you shouldn’t be using the common internet slang.

I’ve completely moved out of it over the last year. I only started using IM a year and a half ago, but at the beginning, I was horrible for this. I think the forums changed most for me, I had minor shortcuts, swore mildly and didn’t capitalize my sentences (or add periods). I think the two main users over at the forum that helped me were LaRoza and Dr Small.

Being me, I mold to my surroundings, back around a year and a half ago, everyone talked in internet slang, henceforth, so did I. What’s sad is, now in grade eight in a different school, but it’s still the same with my friends: “hi niko how r u 2day”. Augh! I just want to tell them to learn to type!

Speaking of type, I’ll now go fourth on the typo subject. Most of my messages were ridden with typos too (so the above example would be as well), it makes it hard to read. If I have a typo in my messages nowadays, I’ll go back and correct it. It doesn’t suck up precious time.

Another issue which I’ve been debating with myself is when I or you say “lol”, most of the time you’re not laughing. Sometimes the weird, random conversations that Nathan and I have get hilarious and I actually do laugh out loud. I need to think of a new acronym when it’s funny, but I’m not laughing.

I can live with basic acronyms too, like “lol” or “rofl”; in that zone, and I use them to some extent too, but when “LOL” or something similar gets overused, it’s just plain annoying, (happens on IRC sometimes) it just makes me want to leave…

Lets face it, when on the computer, you are generally not in much of a rush. You are either browsing the web, listening to music, playing a small game, chatting or all or most of the preceding. Browsing the web can generally wait, listening to music shouldn’t distract, playing a flash game can be done on the side and chatting has it’s own priority among users.

Even of you don’t type, just practice. I don’t type properly (I should learn to do that, I know home row πŸ˜‰ ), but still I type moderately fast and can do it right while keeping the speed. Also, don’t swear; as I mentioned above, I only mildly swore before (crap, damn etc…) but have moved out of that completely.

So please, for all our sakes, take the time to write out your messages; whether it be an email, a post on a forum or an instant message. Just take the time to do it properly. As if writing an English test or something. I have seen messages that are just unintelligible. There are still so many people out there doing it, try to spread this around.

Just my thoughts,


~ by nikopsk on February 8, 2008.

11 Responses to “My take on Internet Slang.”

  1. Yes this is so true. It hurts my eyes when I see that πŸ˜₯

  2. I agree completely. It annoys me to no end when somebody is so lazy they write “2” instead of “to”. Aaargh.. Well I guess from now on if you can’t write in english I wont’ accept any of your messages (to people). And for some reason, I find “ppl” particularly annoying.

  3. “ppl” is another nerve racker… It’s very annoying, even considering that “ppl” in my class do it, and we are in grade eight… πŸ˜₯

  4. On the topic of spelling, “weather” should be “whether.”

    i can haz internetz slang nao? kthxbye.

  5. You saw nothing 😯
    i can haz kr3epy smizley? wtfssmilifaceeee

  6. Hai i noes howe anoyin is dat when dy tork liek dy didun even go ta skool or sumfin. I hait it wen dy cum on da net use da typin wat u cant undastand. makes 4 it hard 2 reed and pisez me of wen dy use lol and roflcopta.

    Haha j/k (I hope you can handle j/k)
    Yes it annoys me also.

  7. Back when I got my first computer, (that had no internet), I would sit and play simple games on it, and make my own little websites with Microsoft Word (I think now as, how did I do that??).

    Then I got hooked up with the internet, and bought a game called First To Fight (A Marine Corps Game), and then I began playing it online. Everyone had to use l33t to talk fast, because we were in battle, and of course, I picked it up too.

    When I finally quit playing the game, I was a fast typer in l33t. Then to pick up where the game left off, I began registering on forums, and posting on them. Oh sure, I was a fast typer, but horrible at grammar and punctuation.

    Eventually, I began to be a better typist altogether because I wanted to sound more mature. That is where I am at now. It urcks me when I see people using l33t on public forums, and it is barely readable.

    Do I have to sit down and look up what each little “stub” means? No. It should be your responsibility to make it readable for me.

    And Niko makes a good point in his post, about using “lol”. And really, I need to think of a substitute. Because 99% of the time, when I say it, I’m not really laughing out loud, but rather, inside.

    And though my typing is rather slow because I am still learning Dvorak, I still plug along, trying my best to make it readable.

  8. In Microsoft word, you just edited a webpage in IE with it, or made a new one. Anyways, I’ve been reading around, and there is an acronym “lis” (Or however it goes) standing for “laughing in sinus”.

    I would believe that to maybe be more appropriate, since “lol” is just used halfheartedly all the time. I use to have dial up for a long time, and in turn, didn’t browse the web much or use IM. I played games, lots of them. My favorite were peggle, battlefield and starcraft.

    In the term 1337, I still use it to some extent on Nexuiz when playing a game with a bunch of the forum members. I still prefer games like Battlefeld where talking in the actual game was pressing the F keys and choosing predetermined tactics. (I need a medic here!)

    I couldn’t resist making this… still…

    *muffled laugh*

    Signing off,

  9. Nice post. I agree with you. People should learn to type properly, study orthography. As for the “LOLs” there is a website called “No More” where it provides an alternative to LOL. It’s hilarious. Check it out:

    Main Idea:
    Countless web users are misrepresenting themselves by typing LOL when they are NOT actually laughing out loud

  10. Very true, I guess I’ll use “loi” then. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the link, I guess you came here via the forums? hehe, anyways, yes. If people do have problems typing, there is the spell checker in firefox and throughout ubuntu applications there are spelling suggestions as well.

    Thanks for supporting!

  11. Cool site, love the info.

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