My Laptop.

Yes, the old Hunk of plastic I keep and rarely use, except on travels… It was originally supposed to be running windows 95 😆 but I currently have 2000 on it, preceding that was 98. I’m not saying I hate it, it’s just a difficult little thing…

Firstly, it refuses to run linux. I have tried almost every single lightweight linux distribution. Maybe linux doesn’t like it… Or maybe just it’s specs. It gets hit the hardest with it’s processor:

128 MG RAM
267 MGz Processor
Heavens knows how much Disk space

Ouch, that hurts. I am in desperate need of another laptop… Maybe this one can get a CPU update? I would love to have a laptop that has decent specs and runs windows so I can do all my other stuff hassle free (I don’t mean windows is hassle free 😉 ) on it.

This laptop can run some decent games… I think it exels in it’s RAM, I am also grateful it accepts ethernet and has one USB port. I should just save up for one of those six-hundred dollar laptops, or an EEE or something.

I do still love you Mr. Outdated Dell Latitude cpi, but you are a bit slow. I guess I’ll just go hooking up my PC preceding this one to do windows related tasks. Not right now mind you, too lazy to drag it out from underneath my own two feet.

I always hang on to my old gadgets, whether it even be keyboards or mice (mouses? 😛 ), cases or software, they all stay in one little spot and get used often enough… I do love all my PC’s, so they’re never going away, even Mr Laptop.

My laptop is still a great one for travels, and I’m grateful I even have one. It was the star of it’s time back then. I’ll hang on to this, like my other 4 computers… And it will get used enough too. I hope I can get linux on it, that would be nice.

Anyways, just nattering to myself out loud,


~ by nikopsk on February 5, 2008.

12 Responses to “My Laptop.”

  1. That’s OK. My laptop is rated for Windows 95 also. But too bad it doesn’t have a hard drive or any way to connect to the internet. But its useful … sortof … well it can run Puppy Linux. If only I had a PCMCIA Ethernet card..than I could use it. For anyone interested, the specs are as follows:
    233 MHZ Pentium II
    160 MB RAM
    No HDD
    2X CDROM 😆

  2. Dad has a laptop, which runs XP, but I have ran different livecd’s on it, the only problem was, I could never get the wireless to work on it …

    Maybe someday 🙂

  3. I think all of us geeks must hang on old pieces of hardware 😆
    I have a somewhat old laptop as well. It says it was designed for XP but I don’t see how that is true. It runs it so slow. Works great with Ubuntu though 😀
    Actually I’ve grown quite attached to this old laptop, I’d hate to see it go.

  4. I should put xp on it… It runs morphix, but won’t install it… 😦 I just hang on to everything… 😛

  5. What’s the problems you are having while installing?

  6. It’s the installer, it’s old and doesn’t like me. I’ll just put xp on it I guess. 😀

  7. My old computer barely runs Xubuntu. It has fast processor, but is bottlenecked by the ram. It’s not worth it to buy more SDRAM for it though. Older Windows was actually really lightweight… WinME was a nightmare, however.

    Ancient Gateway desktop:
    1.8 Ghz P4
    128mb ram
    40 + 20 gb hard drives
    Made for WinME (ahh!)

  8. Mine freezes on Xubuntu setup… 😦

  9. I have two laptops. Ones a toshiba P-200, P-300, just got it 4 months ago, and a reallllllllllllllllllly old sanyo. It doesn’t even have a LCD screen 😦 it’s more like a calculator 😦

  10. Nice new one there! lol at the other one. hehe

  11. yah i know……lol. it’s really heavy and clunky. It’s screen is about 5″ by 10″across.

  12. haha, mine has a screen thats fairly decent (13-15″), but it’s still slow…

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