Multi-use or Dedicated..?

I know of multiple applications that are multi-use, question is, are they really worth it? I ahve been debating this with myself for awhile now, and this is not a vs thing as none wins. A multi-use application basically describes itself. Multiple use application combine many uses into one, sometimes are useful, but sometimes aren’t good at one thing, or maybe the whole thing (that would be bad, I’ve seen some failures… 😯 ).

This is where the Dedicated application comes in and saves the day. Thing for me is: I for one, don’t like having multiple applications. Here’s a good example: pidgin slims the whole multiple IM Clients down to one nice one where you manage everything easily.

Some options are left out of the certain services, and may require some digging or tweaking to find out how, what or if the option will work. A classic example here is nudging under msn while using pidgin. I covered that a while back.

Now, I think the part pidgin fails at (at least for me, I don’t seem to like it), is the IRC part of it. I do believe it needs to be worked on (just to let you know, IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat). That’s where the Dedicated IRC client; Xchat or one of the others comes in. Another good example of a multi-use application is opera.

Opera, don’t get me wrong, is a great multi-use application. It incorporates torrent client, IRC client, web browser and more… It’s great for all those things, all in one bundle.

The question is, are developers going too far by throwing in the odd thing that sometimes doesn’t really belong in their application in the hopes that people will like it more? There are a few cases of that. But as things go, the world of multi-use is pretty good.

I’ll wrap this up now and tell you that the choice is yours to decide whether you go dedicated or the complete other way. I have to say that I love dedicated, but sometimes multi-use raises the bar, and makes the application all that. It adds that extra little something and makes the experience.

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~ by nikopsk on February 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “Multi-use or Dedicated..?”

  1. I applaud Opera and Pidgin as (imo) the only usable Multi-Use apps. Internet explorer is a 2 app-in-one app, but it fails by 50% (E.G.: IE sucks). I like having multi-use apps, and having 1 app at fullscreen while doing several things is great. I just wish Opera’s built in text editor didn’t suck…

  2. hehe, I love firefox’s spellcheck…

  3. Jack of all trades, master of none,_master_of_none

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