Hardy Alpha 4 adds new software!

With the new Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) Alpha 4, you get new updated applications, replacements for some older ones, and new applications to lighten your everyday usage of Ubuntu and your desktop experience.

I will be discussing with you a few of the new Applications (I am sure they will introduce more as they go into the tribe releases 😉 ). The default torrent client for the past few Ubuntu releases has never worked for me, so it is now being replaced with the popular client; transmission.

Transmission is used mostly (us Linux users tend to steer towards deluge or others such as the opera client) by Apple OSX users. This is still by far better than the old Gnome Bittrorrent Downloader.

There is Vinagre to replace the old xvnc4viewer and in my opinion it’s a much better improvement as well. Brasero (as I mentioned in my crunchbang review is very nice) will be replacing Serpentine and cover the entire CD/ DVD Burning in Ubuntu.

I’ll just cover the last few things quickly, as they are small changes, but they will aid you very much 😀 . World Clock and Weather will add to the gnome clock applet, will add a locations extension to your calender dropdown and add the ability to edit your location (obviously), time and the likes easily.

GVFS is another addition which lightens my load. It’s a Virtual File System Abstraction Layer which is now replacing the old GnomeVFS. It’s now used by nautilus as it’s backend. It will display the missing things from the existing Ubuntu Transfer Dialog such as The amount of data transfered, the time left and the transfer rate (like downloading something in firefox ex: 862 kbps).

The Gnome system monitor has some nice new features and widgets. The graph now scrolls smoothly and the resources tab has been re-thought. It looks nicer too 😉 . The things I won’t cover as much that are new are the new Linux Kernel, new Gnome, new Firewall, new Xorg, Pulse Audio, Policy Kit and Firefox 3.

There will be more improvements as time goes by. Do remember that this is still alpha and should only be used on a secondary machine for various causes. In the meantime, why now download and try some of these applications? They might help you get ready for the next wave of Ubuntu.

Best Regards,

~ by nikopsk on February 2, 2008.

4 Responses to “Hardy Alpha 4 adds new software!”

  1. Well i certainly hope Hardy has a better theme than Human. Good review!

  2. Nice review. 😉
    I think I will download it now to check all this new stuff out 😀

  3. I wish I had enough bandwidth to download Hardy, Arch, IceBuntu, Vixta, etc, etc, etc….

  4. Fun, I beat you to it future pilot 😉 I am actually using it right now. 🙂 DrSmall, get a flat rate, pay for a month as much Bandwidth as you want, it will take a load off your life, trust me!

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