Crunchbang, built on Ubuntu, powered by openbox and thunar. It’s very lightweight, fast and reliable. I especially love the openbox window manager.

Crunchbang comes with codec’s and plugins for flash mp3 and the likes right out of the box, so no fiddling necessary. Crunchbang uses ROX-filer, thunar, epiphany which all are lightweight (as apposed to nautilus, gnome and Firefox (although firefox is nice and is, of course, on crunchbang as well 😉 ))

Crunchbang uses the Darkilouche GTK theme with Tango icons, where the theme is just a bit modified to fit the Operating System. It comes with a nice list of default applications (of which some I didn’t want, so I simply removed them) which include among others:


There are many more waiting for you to use in this complete OS. It comes also with a bunch of administrative tools and is unfortunately missing a torrent application. In my case Brasero is better than gnomebacker, but all it takes are a few terminal commands 🙂 .

It doesn’t have an eyecandyish splash or login screen, but, of course, that can be changed, but as it boots so fast, there is no need for a splash in my mind 😛 . Crunchbang deserves a try from you, and you can get it over at softpedia here:



~ by nikopsk on February 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Crunchbang!”

  1. I think I’d like this distro. That is, after I install Fluxbox 😉 . And the fact that it’s based off of Ubuntu just makes it better. Lets hope it doesn’t go overboard on Administrator tools like some distros (I’m not calling any names *cough*Fluxbuntu*cough*)

  2. lol nathan, it’s a nice distro, just trim out the stuff you don’t want. 🙂

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