New Gadgets! Part 3

This concludes my 3 new devices reviewed, last up:

HP Photosmart C7280 All-in-One

It’s great that HP plays nice with everyone else, they have great linux support, and I plugged this in, HPLIP got it right away and I was printing in seconds. The entire family of printer’s we’ve had have been HP, so no problems there.

This is to initially replace our damaged Officejet G85, and I like it already. It has everything I was looking for: LCD screen, device readers, all in one, Ethernet/ wireless, compact… It has a very nice glossy white finish to it, along with silver outlines and the sides Grey. The buttons light up with blue, which is cool too.

It has, rather than 3 color cartridges (Or just one with three all together) and 1 black, has 5 color cartridges and a black one. It gives a nicer quality, the extra two are in between other ones, pinkish and turquoise.

What’s nice, is I don’t have to boot up the pc if I have to print photos from my compact flash anymore, I just plug it right in. It reads USB as well, which is great. Overall, it’s a great find, better than the canon or kodak we were supposed to get (support was horrible…), and it will hold up fine.

The LCD is high quality, and of course you can zoom. You can select multiple images (like at kiosks) from wherever, then just hit the print images button. It’s a bit noisy at times when calibrating the ink cartridges and/or cleaning them them.

This all goes along great, the new printer, speakers and chair. I am making full use of all of them, and they will carry me through for a long time; all excellent products that get the nikoPSK seal of approval. This concludes my review of these devices.

All the best,


~ by nikopsk on January 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “New Gadgets! Part 3”

  1. Got to love how HP printers have great Linux support. 😀

  2. I wish the same for other companies. It’s nice certsin have even started developing the high quality games for linux. 🙂

  3. Oooh HP printers. Just never get a Lexmark (yuck). Well since tax return is coming up I’ll get some new “gadgets” too!

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