New Gadgets! Part 2

Well, I will now be reviewing:

Mid-back leather/ mesh Manager’s chair

I just received the printer and office chair this morning, right on time. I am really happy for this, as I get new stuff, and I have some things to write about 😉 . I hope to continue reviewing things after I finish the final item.

It’s very nice, some assembly required. Putting it together was very easy. The back is mesh wher as the bottom is leather. It rolls nicely without making too much noise. Everything about it is adjustable.

I love the two little finger holds on the armrest, they are so organic. The armrest easily adjusts, and is just the right size for me. The chair, with the leather, stays nice and warm, even after leaving it for a while.

The chair is very ergonomic and I have the tilt, tension, seat depth, arm height and seat height just to my needs. We got this from staples along with my printer (which I will review tomorrow).

Now, to lighten up my office experience (okay, so not office.. whatever it should be called the way I use it), I just need to hide my cords and cables, mount my speakers and rearrange a bit.

This goes along nicely with the other two electronic things, and I highly enjoy it. I had been using a wooden dining chair, and I like this much better. Do yourself a treat, all those without nice chair’s, go get one; there are some nice one hundred dollar ones.



~ by nikopsk on January 29, 2008.

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