New Gadgets! Part 1

Well, I just got these new things all today:

HP Printer
Office Chair

I will start off by reviewing my speakers. I think they are great. They are a pair of EM928 Ozaki surround sound 5.1 speakers. Excellent quality, I don’t know how I ever lived in stereo land. My previous pair were just two polk audio speakers. They did get higher quality sound from my SoundBlaster Audigy they were connected too, but I have been meaning to get a new pair forever.

It’s nice, because I didn’t have to get a new soundcard. These will greatly improve my sound in games, music, movies etc… I do think the monster subwoofer will annoy the hell out of the people below us, but I can plug in headphones when if I want.

The music doesn’t sound as good to me without the subwoofer, I haven’t brought it up past half yet… 😛 It really enhances everything. Also, without 5.1 it isn’t as nice. No driver or anything was required, but I want to mount these speakers properly around my room and hide the cable.

I cleared some space on my desk, and hooked up the front two, adds even more power to the rest, I love these… I didn’t know where some of the cords went at first, but got it in the next five minutes. I love the control tower for the speakers; it’s compact, let’s you control the two “front speakers”, the two “back ones”, the center one, the subwoofer, overall volume and 5.1 or Stereo.

The whole package was quite heavy, and at one hundred dollars I thought it was great, I know a few people at the computer store that’s about a minute and a half walk away from us, and my friend over there was nice and gave me a ten dollar discount. The subwoofer is made of wood and the whole thing is very high quality.

I review the printer or chair tomorrow, the HP is very nice and has everything i wanted (except sizable ink cartridges… 😦 ), couldn’t review it today as we are getting it delivered along with the chair from staples.

I love this thing,


~ by nikopsk on January 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “New Gadgets! Part 1”

  1. 100$ seems like very cheap speakers to me. I have a 2.1 set that costs about 400$ and it has fabolous sound 🙂 do you have a link to the set you bought NikoPSK ?

  2. Sure, justa sec:

    They were on clearance at the store + my discount, so I got off good… 😛

  3. I hope you enjoy you’re speakers Niko! I enjoy mine alot I got them two years ago with my xmas money my grandfather gave me.

    Here is my set,en

  4. Pretty sweet, I was looking at that pair a while back, I’m happy with the pair now. (sorry the spam filter kept marking your comment’s as spam… lol)

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