Guess what? My stomach didn’t like cloverfield (No, I did not throw up, I was just nauseas). Although I was mildly sick at the time, so that might have not helped either. Anyways, cloverfield was a pretty good movie, although I would have opted for normal camerawork.

It did give the movie the effect the producer intended albeit, now, I’ll just give minor details of the movie, as I would recommend it to others. Basically, a large monster comes and attacks Manhattan.

Generally, I would think this genre of style would bore me, but the plot and characters keep me amused. The first person dies around ten minutes in, getting pummeled down by this seamonster’s tentacle. The military scenes are cool although the only part that freaks me out is, the second death that occurred happened by a zergling like creature biting one of the characters.

She gets “infected” and ends up blowing up (I presume) in the makeshift medical facility they stumble upon. Behind curtains, but the blood splatter freaked me out.

Sometimes; it was way too loud. Maybe another intended effect, but it did hurt my ears. A nice sci-fi thriller. At least it wasn’t a bad movie. I would give this a 7/10.

Every time you think they are going to die, they don’t. Every time you think they are going to be okay, they aren’t. It ended quite abruptly, then a flashback of the camera.

I do hope you enjoy,


~ by nikopsk on January 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “Cloverfield”

  1. hey nice review! But now that you mention your stomache, I don’t think i want to go rush out and see it

  2. I’ve reviewed things before, even wrote an article for a publication, so I’m not that new. 🙂

  3. Has anyone seen sleepy hollow? The new one. Now that will creep you out. 👿

  4. I saw the old sleepy hollow… …. … I am still scared of it… 😯

  5. I also felt like barfing while I was watching the flick, but fortunately for me, I was hope, and got to pause it for a while. At least until I wasn’t shaking anymore. Holy Shit, this flick was intense.

    The flashbacks were ingenious. The idea was that the dorky camera guy was recording over a vid shot earlier. Wherever there’s a flashback, it’s actually where the camera guy rewound, then fast forwarded a bit too far. It’s just like a home shot vid, which made the whole thing more believable, and creepy.

    From the very beginning of the film you know that things did not go well. You knew there was going to be no happy ending. The captions at the beginning state that this is a video retried from a military site formerly known as Central Park. So from the start we know something huge and cataclysmic happened.

    This video is the Blair Witch version of that story.

    I gave this flick a 9 out of 10 because the special effects were fantastic, the characters were mostly believable, and the way the thing was shot was very clever. All the footage from the hand held camera jerking around will make a lot of people nauseous, a price to pay for the sense of realism and urgency.

    It still just slays me that they almost made it out, for crissakes, they made it to the chopper !

  6. I did like the video, no problem there. The camerawork was fantastic for the movie as well. The effects were nice and it did remind me of the blair witch project. The flashbacks make sense now.

    The guy was cool, and it did string on in the first ten minutes… The chopper… they made it and then, wtf, they get owned by the monster again.

    Anyways, I feel like watching it again once it is out on dvd.


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