11 Responses to “BlogBuntu”

  1. go blogbuntu! Also, I have to ask, if its a blog about linux, instead of Ubuntu, than why is it named blogbuntu?

  2. Joeb’s idea…. I like the name. 🙂

  3. I’m in 🙂

  4. heya Dr Small, come over to 56 nathan is awaiting activation. 🙂

  5. Fear not. Everything is completed successfully 🙂 56~

  6. good to hear.


  7. Why is it called BlogBuntu if it’s about general linux things? That’s a confusing title, and secondly Buntu isn’t a word, so if it was going to be that Blogbuntu makes more sense.

  8. Just tried to separate the words. Buntu is technically a word in the land of linux.

  9. The only difference between “BlogBuntu” and “Blogbuntu”, is ‘buntu’ is lowercased in the latter. How would that change how you read it ??

  10. Does it really matter what is is called??! I mean come on people this is just an IRC channel.. does it really need to make sense?!

  11. Just like TomBuntu, he doesn’t write just about ubuntu. 🙂

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