Regarding Reveiws

I want to do more hardware reviews, but the fact is, I just don’t get enough new tech toys monthly. I would review my old ipod, but one, it’s old; two, it still doesn’t work with Linux.

I really want to get a new videocard or something and review it’s pixel crunching madness, but the only thing I can afford right now is just below the 8800.

I also want to review the One Laptop Per Child laptop… or an EEE, they both look great, but I don’t have them. Once I get a new gadget, expect a nice long review full of juicy details; until then just expect my nice application and website reviews.

Heck, what’s really bothering me these days is that 3D acceleration under wine is just a no-go; I’m way less active at the forums and some of my games don’t work. I can live with it but they aren’t worth missing for me.

Just a quick note: I am getting a new mac soon with leopard and I’ll be reviewing it and it’s software while also having a Linux distro on it. I have to say, it won’t (most likely) be Ubuntu but something new. It will be fast, 4 gigs ram, a nice hefty dual core processor, a 24″ screen, wireless keyboard and mouse + more.

What is cool about getting a mac is that I can run all 3 major OS producers, mac OSX (I won’t be erasing it… 😐 ), Linux and windows. I will most likely use fusion or boot camp. I can then expand everything, and OSX is so cool, the only thing I have to protest against is that I don’t like docks, but I’ll learn to live with it 😀 .

Maybe I’ll drag out the old PC, preceding this one. Hook it up, power it up. Maybe dual boot linux with it 🙂 . I could do more reviews. This blog isn’t totally linux oriented, it’s just a blog, and I write a lot about Linux.

This is my sum of events for today, I bid you farewell,


~ by nikopsk on January 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Regarding Reveiws”

  1. Please let the creativity flow!

  2. It will, I hope you enjoy, coming out with some tutorials soon. 🙂

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