Well, the people over at steam and NVidia have teamed up and announced portal (so fun… 😀 ) free for people with NVidia cards. I have one… but:

I have to:

1: download steam and get it working under wine
2: download portal in steam
3: Lunch Portal
4: Realize that wine can’t really make use of 3D acceleration

NOOOOOO!!! Why me? I’m pretty sad now…. 😦

I got steam working, now I just need to get some games for it. While I’m here, I’ll explain portal briefly. It’s a very original game by valve and this demo only lets you fire blue portals (I won’t call them entrance or exit portals as they are neither) as you don’t get to the level where you obtain the ability to fire orange portals.

I suggest maybe watching a few youtube videos on this, you will like it I’m sure. It comes separately as a purchase on steam, or you get get it by purchasing the orange box for either PC or Xbox 360. As I said, a very fun original game, though I just wish they provided more levels.

GLaDOS’s voice is cool, you will find out more as you play the game. As I said head out to youtube and watch! Go! Shoo! Stop reading my blog!

For all the lucky people using windows, dual booting, or somehow got it working in Linux:


~ by nikopsk on January 23, 2008.

9 Responses to “Nooo!!!!1!”

  1. I dual boot and have an NVIDIA video card! Sweet 😀

  2. You make me sad…. 😦 ALSO, with that I can’t play breakquest either.

  3. I got an nvidia eGe-Force 7600 GTX >:) but I already have orange box and halflife 2 and portal 😀 so .. yea cool but I don’t really need it.

  4. I do… 😐

  5. Cool, now my gf can get it on her own steam account

  6. Coultny you donate it to someone who needs it as a gift?

  7. Hrm, donate what? 🙂

  8. You can give games to people as gifts via steam, maybe if you already have the game, you could claim the offer anyway and give one of the copies to a friend.

  9. Oh, I gotcha now, that would be nice. 🙂

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