I made this in inkscape, looks pretty high quality if you ask me. All I really did was:

1. Make a background with red gradient and grey stroke.
2. Draw some skyscrapers and make the fill black,
3. Scale them appropriately,
4. move it all to the side,
5. draw a triangle with an outgoing gradient,
6. Use the “create tiled clones”,
7. Group it all and align it to the rest of the photo,
8. Use the clip option to get rid of the protruding sunbursts

The screencast is here:

My Image is here:



~ by nikopsk on January 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “Sunburst”

  1. Looks nice 🙂
    Here is my recreation of the IceWM logo that I did in inkscape, mimicking the original from

  2. Nice! I am looking for a good uploader service where I can upload my svg’s… without ads. 🙂


  3. you can upload SVG art to

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